So this is the 'About' page.  What is all that about??

Well, just so you know, Golfyball is a Geek, Nerd, Blogger & Thinker who lives in the western part of the United Kingdom not a bazzillion miles from places like Stonehenge, The River Severn, The Malverns and The Cotswolds. He's an officer at Starfleet (although not necessarily a Trekkie) which boldly goes.

You're likely to find all sorts of rubbish spouted on his blog, along with the odd gem of useful geekery, movie review, technobabble comment, nerdy documentation or family buffoonery.... ore then again you might not.

He doesn't intentionally set out to annoy anyone with his blog, if fact exactly the opposite. He tries to be entertaining, but his only guarantee is that he tries, not that he is. The same is true of copyrighted material. He tries not to infringe it, but sometimes he just can't tell. He doesn't set out to do so, and if there's something on here that you believe belongs to you and shouldn't be here, please let him know as soon as possible and he'll take it down.

Enjoy - Ed

Golfy says....

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So that's the mumbo jumbo - have a great time, and please please please post a comment.  It's your feedback that drives what's here... well, that and my rouge brain cell....  yes that's right, rouge.... it is red..... mostly (and possibly a bit rogue too)....

Live Long and Prosper - although more importantly, F**k it dude, let's go bowling.

Take care