Last list of links

Here it is then... These are the various websites and blogs that have help point, enlighten, confuse and guide me through the 2010 General Election hell. I'd encourage you to take the time to read all of them, but of course that may be impossible given the fact that you've left it sooo late to start considering the implications of your portion of a vote. But more importantly than any of that, while it's not my place to tell you what to do, there is one (and only one) exception that proves this rule. On Thursday no matter what you are doing, make sure that you get out there and Vote!! That's it - nothing more to add. Enjoy the shenanigans - Thank goodness that we're nearly there.

Party Manifesto's
The Labour Party Manifesto
The Conservative Party Manifesto
The Liberal Democrats Manifesto

The First Debate as on ITV
The Second Debate and Part 2 as on Sky News
The Third Debate as on the BBC
The Facebook/Youtube Digital Media Debate

Twitter Analysis Sites
The TweetMinster site
The Tweetlection site
The TwitElection site is more
The 10 Downing Tweets site is the most attractive.
Use TwitVote to cast your vote
The Lexalytics site analysis the last 2 hours of Tweets
The Electwits site claims to be the LIVE pulse of the elections

The Men in Suits Blog
Mr Stephen Fry
The BBC's dot.Rory Cellan-Jones
And Guido Fawkes who is actually Paul Staines
The Evening Standard's Paul Waugh

Reference Sites
Voter Power shows you how many votes your vote is worth. to understand your MP's views.
Vote Geek for the tech implications
UK Parliamentary process and rules for elections
Wikipedia's entry on the UK General Election

Twitter feeds:
Nick Clegg
The Conservatives
The Labour Party
The Liberal Democrats.
Number 10
The pulse of the election via the Twitterati through the #ge2010 tag.

Decision Helpers
If you still can't decide then there's a couple of these...
Vote Match
Vote For Policies

News Pages
The BBC's Live Election coverage
Sky News Election coverage
The Daily Telegraph
The Guardian
The Times

Other bits and bobs

And Finally....
Thanks for being a great contestant. Here are your best bits. Watch the language! (turn your Mic off) They never should have put me with that woman... Who's idea was that?? Was it Sue??