Busy Bee's

Been a busy Bee. Yesterday me and the future Mrs G went to the Registry office to sort out a date for the wedding. Very interesting - both have to produce our decree absolute's (yes we've both been married before so we know what we're getting into). This might be a slight problem because I don't know where the hell mine is!! Typical bachelor, not well organised, but I'll sort it out.

The Head Registrar was an interesting bloke... but how the hell he works in his office without suffering a severe migrane I will never know. You know that pink wallpaper your mum got rid of back in 1972 ? The one with all the flower squiggly bits on it ?? Well this poor blokes office is covered in it. And not just covered, but covered!!! even the support pillar over by the window - it must be embarrassing for him - although he seemed quite happy. Perhaps you get used to it, but I don't think I ever could.

Went in to the office today and had a good meeting about the solution I'm working on. It's a tight schedule, but we might just make it. Time will tell.

The future Mrs G is painting the kitchen and I'm going up in the loft to sort A's TV aerial out. See you soon. G.


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