Flown - pizza's - Bored Games and Movies....

Ring won't be ready until next weekend... dissapointing, but worth the wait.

A's mate Will stayed over Friday night and they watched "Shaun of the Dead" which I have to say is a top movie. A Rom-Zom-Com of the highest order. 10/10 Mr Pegg. Eventually got the kids in shape to go to the Airport. Met up with the mob (Smithy couldn't make it in the end) - But Craig, Niki, Shep, Caroline and Arch Did. No Mandie - on a shopping trip apparently.

Kids Flew - well, A, J and Will did - Charlene stayed behind because she's a bit scared of flying - aww bless her.

Had a great time - A wants to learn to fly. If he's wise he'll get the R.A.F. to teach him.

The four of us (eg: The Future Mrs G, J, A and Me) went off to Pizza Hut for birthday tea - LOL - Why do all kids just love pizza ?? Weird huh ?? J went off to see Charlene and A, The Future Mrs G and Me played this terrible board game with A... really tough questions... still, we did have a giggle.

Sunday today - hmmmm... Ironing, A has a football match, Roast Lamb for din-din's. Gotta nip to Sainsbury's for some vegetables.

Oh yeah - and hopefully the car will be fixed on Thursday. About bloody time too.