Freezer's, Headaches, Holidays and Batman

The future Mrs G sold the little freezer (that's been in the shed since we got the new one) last night. Well done her I say - She is incredible - it's no wonder I'm going to marry her. Now I know that might seem daft, after all it's only "selling a freezer" but she just gets on and does stuff. It's the little things that mean so much.

J is feeling better and going back to school today after her headache (or lack of homework completion I think). Aww bless.

Work went well yesterday - so today I have to prep for tomorrow's big meeting "in the office" and not only that but I'm going to have two weeks holiday in October - yipeee!

Also going to the building society today (sort the old mortgage out) and the Registry office to make sure the date we want next summer is available. Do idiots have to come from round here, dress as superhero's and climb buckingham palace ?? I sort of sympathise with the cause (especially with the A situation) although perhaps "Parents For Justice" might be a more worthy name. It does raise the question - What sort of example are these blokes setting to their kids?? Ah well - laters.....