Rings and Flying

Hopefully The future Mrs G's engagement ring will be ready this morning. Going to call them to double check before we struggle to find someplace to park in town. She's itching to get it on her finger. Awww bless.

Then this afternoon we're off to the Airport for A's first flying lesson. Bought it for him for his birthday, should be quite a giggle. And it appears that all the lads (well the local lot) are all coming along too. Shep, Cazza, Arch, Mandie, Craig, Niki, Smithy etc etc... we can have a couple of beverages and watch from the ground. It's a four seater, so he's going to take his sister and his mate up with him... I'm sure he'll be better with planes than he is with bikes though :-)

Oh yeah - and I didn't get the lad's do sorted out yesterday like I promised myself I would!!.. so that job is moved to when I get two minutes!!