Two Year Blogging Anniversary

Well, that seems to be the norm. Two years since I last wrote anything and prior to that it was another two years - lol - so I've been blogging for 4 years (sort of) ;-)

Anyway, here I sit on the "brink of recession" - fed up of hearing about it - and what's changed in 2 years. Loads and nothing al at the same time. I'm still very happily married to my wife whom I love deeply (although she doesn't really realise it most of the time I guess) - perhaps I'm not very good at showing her :-(

Recently been cooking - I expect I'll write more about that sometime, if I manage to keep writing this time. If not, it'll be a couple of years again... Hehehehe
I was never interested in cooking, I always felt there were more important things to be doing, but actually, cooking is really important. and it can be rewarding too. So I suppose I have to thank my wife for suggesting it and that knob (Jamie Oliver) for writing an easy book to follow. Cheers both - result!

Other stuff.... 40 is coming! eek! My midlife crisis is going to involve a Vespa I think. PS3 gaming is good! Stock Markets are pants! Not in negative equity yet, but it feels like it's close. If that happens it will mean of the two houses I've bought in my life, both of them have screwed my financial position!! But let's wait and see.... Anyway - That's it for now!