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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Adventure is Out There!!!!!

Thursday morning, 5.30 a.m. and on the road to Scotland. Ahhh!!! Made you look! Of course, Mrs G and I are not on the road to Scotland yet and it's not 5.30 on Thursday yet either. But it will be and that will mean that I won't be writing my usual 750 words at an ungodly hour of the morning. This isn't good for my writing muscle, so instead, here's one to fill the gap. Not gonna make the 750 mark though. Too much to do. Enjoy:

Adventure is out there, but I do have two niggling concerns. 1) This weather forecast up in Scotland is a bit disturbing, especially as Mrs G and I are about to set off into it. The police have described the conditions as "Horrendous", so perhaps we'll have a change of plan yet.

The spot we're heading to is about 30 miles west of Aberdeen and the home of Mrs G's Sister and Brother-in-law (L&D) and their wonderful little cherubs (A,W & F) and sits snuggly near Bennachie which is a beautiful part of the Cairngorms. I love a bit of an adventure like this. Mrs G is always a little more reserved about such shenanigans, but I'm sure she'll be fine once we get there. TomTom on the iPhone will be guiding us and we'll have the traffic updates in there too (first time I've tried that, so I'll let you know if it's worth shelling out for)

Then there's the packing. Now this really will be a challenge (although not concern number 2). Our vehicle (for the time being) is a MK 3 Toyota MR2. Yes, that's the really tiny car with no luggage space in it. Clearly Mrs G his having palpitations at the thought of not being able to fit several dozen pairs of shoes in it, and to be honest, it isn't a practical vehicle for this type of trip - but, it's what we have. My packing skills are world renowned though, and I have no doubt that I'll be able to get the best part of 6 days worth of gear into the space of carry-on luggage without too much of a problem (but there does have to be a limit on the shoes) ;-)

Concern number 2 is Daughter. I always worry about leaving her on her own, not because she can't be trusted (she's proven many times that she can) but of course I worry about the ifs and buts and maybes. However, as my Nan would say "If ifs and buts were pots and pans, there'd be no need for tinkers" - which is her way of saying don't worry - so I'll do my best not to. She (daughter, not my Nan) is planning a party though - eek!!! - and today she was texting me asking if we can have another cat!! I think not!! The two we've got are barking mad and another one would just be the death of us all. And besides, she'll get a reputation as one of those cat-lady's (which as we know is one step to the left of being a bag-lady) and no-one in their right mind wants that now, do they ?

Got my last bits and pieces of work done for Starfleet, although they do seem to have made a bit of a clerical error with time booking - but what I can do about that ? and I'm going to cook that groovy little peas & pasta dish for dinner this evening.

I will try and blog while Adventuring, but it's going to depend upon connectivity, electricity and actually being arsed to write when I'm on holiday and not venting for the sake of my Brain and those pesky 750 Words. TTFN

PS: Me again. Just two final notes, which incendently might mean I actually do make my 750 words after all. Firstly, what an excellent series "Married, Single, Other" was. (we just caught up with the last episode thanks to sky plus). The story revolves around three couples (Eddie, Lillie, Babs, Dickie, Clint and Abbey) and is one of the more beautifully written pieces of comedy drama that ITV have ever put out. In particular the roles of Eddie and Lillie are stand-out performances and if you missed it, well shame on you. You missed a cracker.

Secondly, we are most definetly, positivly, absolutely and without a shadow of a doubt, not, I repeat, not having another cat. Daughter will beg, nag and plead (and I know what I said about fathers not saying no to daughters) but on this occasion, I have to make the exception that proves the rule. Just to be clear. NO MORE CATS! OK? Glad we got that sorted.

And with that, I'm of adventuring with Mrs G. Night All.


  1. Particularly good post, if you don't mind me saying so. Scobi

  2. surely you know already that you will finally succumb and end up with another cat!?

    p.s. isn't succumb such a brilliant word!

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