Digital Economy Bill & iPads

Super Sunday came and went and was a most enjoyable affair. The sun was out for us all, which kept us warm through our misery at loosing to Nottingham, but then it's only a game so who cares?. 30-24 and we nearly had them. There was a good show of support in the form of the hairdresser, the chef, the railway engineer and the property developer with their respective other halves and two kids. Mrs G and I enjoyed the two mile walk and the chef and his better gave us a lift back and popped in for coffee and cheesecake, having not had a dessert in the hostelry. No doubt now that the weather is turning for the better, the super sunday will become more commonplace, just as long as it's not every sunday.

I'm worried about the digital economy bill. Does feel rather rushed and I do get the impression it's not been fully thought through. If you're remotely interested on the impact this bill will have and the powers that it will give the government, please take a look at this link I've used this site to generate a letter to my MP and surprisingly I've had a reply, from his secretary, asking me for my address so that he can send a reply. Clearly email is too complicated for him, or perhaps now he'll start tapping my phone line/broadband to see if I'm some sort of subversive. For heavens sake government. Wake up!! I'm no more subversive than you are..... oh... wow.... that's quite subversive then ... um... shhhh. ;-)

iPads... Do I want one or not ? Discussion please :-)


  1. once you have decided whether you are an arty farty graphics-designer, chino-wearing, glasses for the sake of it, talks loud in public type, or a proper nutter who likes his technology right hard, then you will know.


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