Digital Economy Bill

I just got this in my inbox and I want to share it with you.  I'm not suggesting you should or shouldn't act upon it, that is entirely up to you, but I do think that it's right to be aware of it....  It reads:

Next Tuesday the Digital Economy Bill could be rushed through Parliament unless we take action now. Party leaders are planning to give in to the music industry and force the bill into law without allowing a proper debate, without allowing opposition to be heard.

We need to turn the pressure up on MPs to rebel by placing adverts in key newspapers and on key websites so everywhere MPs go they'll see how many people oppose the bill. On the day of the vote they'll see our opposition over their cornflakes, on their way in to work and over tea in Parliament.

Because of printing deadlines we've only got 4 days to raise the £10,000 we need to pay for these adverts. Will you chip in now?

Click here to donate now:

We have one last chance to stop the bill. Party leaders can't rubber stamp it into law without the support of their MPs. Thanks to over 18,000 emails we've sent over the last week MPs support for the bill is starting to crumble as they realise how many people oppose fast-tracking the bill through parliament

With the election just weeks away, politicians want our votes and may think twice about ignoring us. There's still time to stop this bill being forced through - but we have to act quickly. Let's show Parliament how many people are against the bill.

There's plenty to oppose in the Digital Economy Bill. It gives the government the ability to disconnect millions. Schools, libraries and businesses could see their connection cut if their pupils, readers or customers infringe any copyright. But the biggest problem is that party leaders plan to rush it into law without allowing a proper democratic debate.

Please donate now to show Parliament how many of us oppose the bill. Just click here to get started:

Thanks for getting involved,

Johnny, David, Hannah, Nina and the 38 Degrees team

PS: Here's what one MP said in response to the campaign so far:

The subject is complex and the bill is proving to be hugely contentious; because of this it is crucial, more than ever, that Parliament fulfils its democratic duty and gives the bill proper debate and scrutiny. Although it is imperative that jobs in the creative industries are protected, and it is right that artists be paid fairly for work they produce, the bill, as it stands, seems to be heavily weighted in favour of rich and powerful copyright holding companies. Despite the front bench consensus there is significant back bench concern on all sides, and I and my colleagues will do all we can to ensure the bill is not rushed through the House without proper debate and scrutiny.