...and they're off! Almost.

Friday at last. Been a long time coming this week, but finally it's here. Looking forward to a chilled out weekend, one day back at work and then another two days off for the Cheltenham races.

It's Gold Cup week in Cheltenham, which means the place goes absolutely mental. All the prices go up and the streets are full of the Irish who save up all year for this historic event. I try and go for at least one day every year now and I have to say it really is a great day out. I haven't got any tips to bet on as yet, but I'll be studying the form over the weekend in preparation for it and for once it would be nice to come home with more money than I go with. Of course, I know you can't think of it in those terms, and I have to be clear that the money in my pocket on the day will be my loosing and NOT my winnings.

So Me and Mrs Golfy will be meeting up with some friends in a pub in town around mid-morning for a bit of brunch and then wander up to the race course in time for a 1pm-ish kick off. There will then be a constant stream of Guinness, betting, cheering, Guinness, betting, cheering until the races are run and then a stagger back into town to spend the remainder of the loosings on some quality nosh, a few more Guinness' and a cab home. But that's not until Tuesday.

Quiet night tonight is the plan and then we'll celebrate Mothers' Day tomorrow (a day early) with My and Mrs Golfy's Mum (and other halves) in a local pub for lunch. My little Sis is coming down from Manchester too so should be a relatively (see what I did there) good day out. Once they've gone home I'm going to take the wife to the cinema to see the Lovely Bones. We both read the Alice Sebold book and loved it, and as Peter Jackson is behind the movie I'm sure it'll be a fun, if slightly disturbing, evening out. What's interesting about this is actually getting Mrs Golfy to the cinema. She's not a movie fan like I am, but occasionally (and if it's something she wants to watch) I can pursuade her, so I'm very pleased to have winkled her out of the house on this occasion.

Sunday will be the Sunday Papers, I'm planning breakfast in bed for Mrs G and a nice long walk if the weather holds followed by a curl up on the sofa and a movie/TV Drama type evening in preparation for what I hope is a quiet Monday. Walk-wise I'm thinking a trip to Cooper's Hill possibly. Very bad news today that the traditional Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake is going to be cancelled this year due to insurance wrangling. Now that really gets my goat. It's one of those nutty english events that people come from all over the globe to see and it really makes for a great family day out. If people get hurt doing it, well surely that's up to them. I think there should just be a statuary disclaimer that everyone should sign and stop worrying about whether it's insured or not. Before you know it we won't be allowed out of the front door without insurance and then I really will have to punch someone. (That'll be my grumpy old man coming out there ;-) )

So that's the day-to-day plan, but what else is going on ?

Well Starfleet haven't added anything useful to the mix, just keeping us busy and pretty much in the dark. I've shared my CV with some people, but I'm not actively looking for anything just yet. I just don't know how it's going to pan out, so I've decided to stop worrying about it and get on with life. You don't get two goes at it do you?

WTC was very entertaining last night, but you can read about that elsewhere.

I'm starting to really like Lady GaGa. She might appear to be a bit odd (to say the least) but musically, I think she might just be a genius. The Fame and the Fame Monster both contain some great little pop tracks and they're much better than that toss that Cheryl-I'm-doing-it-for-the-money-Cole puts out to make our ears bleed. Of course Poker Face has been absolutely everywhere and you can't turn on a radio without hearing it, but it's just a great hook, that keeps you interested. Classic Choons!