Going over old ground in a quest for eggs! (Part 1)

Today sees a trip up the M5 to sunny Worcester. Of course I jest, Worcester isn't sunny. It's not a really terrible town and in fact parts of it are quite nice, but it's no Cheltenham. Then again, on the plus side, it's no Gloucester either. Odd sort of place in the middle of nowhere and on the way to everywhere else it seems. Of course, Worcester-ites would have me hung, drawn and quartered for even remotely having a pop at it, but all I've said is fact and facts are undeniable.

Anyway my work will take me to some single storey nondescript ex army hospital buildings, which in the dreary rain that we have today will be truly beautiful and a pleasure to reside in. If you didn't detect the irony, I can assure you that it is there in spades. The work itself will involve spreadsheets and numbers, head-scratching, ear pulling, probably a meeting or two and probably some verbal abuse which may or may not be deserved. But within this deep dark horrible day, there are at least a couple of bright spots.

Firstly, lunch, which I can guarantee will consist of one of the most exhilarating egg mayonnaise and salad rolls to have been made since chickens invented eggs (yes, I know which one came first. Chicken! Fact! End of!). There is an amazing little sandwich bar not far from the office that purveys these foot long beauties, and my stomach is already grumbling at the thought of it. I can almost taste the combination of gooey egg on soft bread as I type. If I try to compare it to yesterday's lunch (a cheese and jam sandwich, which while an acquired taste, is a stunning piece of flavour mashing) regrettably I am at a loss for words. The C&J being a weak and worthless shadow of the feast that awaits the diner within it's paper wrapping. With a bottle of chilled Orange Juice to wash it down and possibly a slice of millionaire's shortbread on the side, in the world of working lunches it is the president, nay king of take-away experiences.

The other bright spot, is I'll get to spend some time with a couple of workmates who make the working day bearable. No doubt there will be a certain amount of buffoonery, comradery and general banter in the form of jocular abuse. Now that is something worth getting up for. Did I mention the lunch?

There's also an unfounded rumour that there may be a beer in the evening, of which I may partake one before I travel back home for the night. But these things are never particularly well communicated unless you're in the office 5 days a week.

In other news: Daughter's birthday is just around the corner and her birthday present arrived yesterday. It's a shame that she knows what it is, but she's of an age where it's just easier to get her what she wants rather than surprise her completely. Having said that, there'll be a surprise for her as well, but nothing on too grand a scale. Next year is a landmark for her, so that will something a bit more special.

Last nights dinner consisted of a spectacular pasta based dish as cooked by my own fair hand. Conchiglie (those little shell shaped ones) to be more precise. The sauce consisted of pan fried smoked bacon, peas, fresh mint, crem fresh, and lemon juice. The resulting dish is light yet hearty. I suspect the finely chopped bacon creates the hearty while the lemon the lightness but regardless, it's blinkin' gorgeous with a glass of white.

Quick bit of movie talk: These are worth a look, and I may have already mentioned them, but they're on general release DVD now. In no particular order, 9, An Education and Law Abiding Citizen.

9 is Tim Burton's latest offering (he of Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow and Beetlejuice to name but three) and while predictable in plot in places, looks very burton-esque and is an enjoyable romp. Law Abiding Citizen is an action/adventure/crime/thriller/horror type thing, with an outrageously stupid plot but great action fare if you don't take it too seriously.
The standout of the three is An Education (and I say that in a purely snobbish way). It's a great piece of Drama and has some beautiful set pieces. A great 60's look (although I can only guess at it's accuracy being one of such few years - I wish) but it feels right and richly deserves it's oscar nominations.

That's it for now. Happy Wednesday!


  1. The Gorse Fox send his best wishes to Lucca and his daughters at the sandwich shop. GF was partial to a a hot BLT with Mayo and Chilli sauce.


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