Happy Mother-Fudders

Happy mother's day all you... Erm... Mother's. ;-) awake at the crack of dawn thanks to daughter's alarm. Today is day two of her intensive specials training although 20 minutes later and she's not arisen as yet. Mrs G did play at Winnie the pooh and the hornets nest with her - ie poke her with a long pointy stick from as far away as possible. She's not very good with waking up :-). Gets that from her mother, so you can imagine mornings aren't a lot of fun for half an hour in our house. However 25 minutes in and there's movement so all is well in the world of daughterly concerns.

Son will be visiting today -or so he announced by Jungle telephone yesterday. He's coming for tea. I pointed out how generous it is of him to come round and cook his mother a full roast for her special day. Naturally, him being a youth, and a boy, and not yet a man, this fell on deaf ears. However I'm sure he'll gladly come round and eat whatever is cooked for him.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. So yesterdays lunch at the pub. Overall, very good, but not without a couple of issues. Parents arrived almost on time for a change, they're usually rediculously early which winds up Mrs G and they had my sister with them having collected her from the station on the way. Mrs G's mum and boyf' arrived and off we went. It's a lovely country pub in a nice setting very close to the River Severn. Sat on the plush leather sofas with guiness for the men and White wine for the ladies we did the present giving which all went well. Tennis balls and a scarf if you were wondering.

Who should walk into the pub but LJ and his ex with their two kids. Now his relationship status is complicated what with having five kids from 3 mums, and this was clearly mothers day for mum number two. However I couldn't help wondering if he'd chosen this reasonably remote location just so that mum number three didn't find out?? Interesting stuff. after some brief hellos and see you next weeks He sloped off to the east wing of the pub in a hurry.

The single page menu is deceptive especially if you don't catch the specials board but everyone found something they fancied and the glass table was soon brimming with food. Mrs G's wedgy chips were tepid and Buffett of vegetables were over cooked. Apart from that all good with desserts that even the most greedy could never finish completely. Knowing what I know about the place based on experience and being mares with the chef i'd give it a healthy 7.5 out of 10 all in.

Back to ours for coffee and nattering and by 6.30 they were all back on the road. Turns out sister was able to fet an earlier train so we could have gone bowling with Auntie S afterall, but I'd already let her know we wouldn't so the cinema was still a goer. Daughter arrived home full of her traing with a head fit to burst, but she'd also dropped in on her other dad so was a bit grumpy as is usual after those odd little visits. There's a whole book in that story but I'm not interested enough to write it. I do have a life and he's not in it which I'm happy about.

From here to The Brewery (which is actually a Load of shops, restaurants and cinema built on the site of the old brewery). For race week they've turned it into an Irish village with the tricolor strewn everywhere and guiness on offer. A quick snack in the trendy bar next door and then ripped off for a bag of sweets in the multiplex.

Now, the lovely bones.... I had high hopes for this. Not least because Peter Jackson (he of Lord of the Rings and King Kong) has been very honest to the source material in his previous works. LOTR was practically word for word from Mr Tolkiens books and rumour has it the forthcomming Hobbit follows suit. However, TLB seemed different to my memory of the book. In particular one key McGuffin (to borrow from Alfred Hitchcock) while appearing in the film did not have the same significance as the original work. At least this what my memory was telling me and we all know how reliable that can be. ;-). So I'm going to speed read it again today just to check. Something to fill the 10 mins while Mrs G gets her passport photo done. The attention to detail of the 70's sets is wonderful - I had a kodak instamatic just like that - and the depiction of heaven is beautifully put together with some very clever transitions from location to location in a particularly memorable section at the start of act 3. Other than that I found it overall a great piece but anyone taking their 12 year old to see it should mist definetly think twice.

Today has brought georgeous sunshine, so good that I might be confused into thinking summer has finally arrived and do something rash like mow the lawn!! Need to see the Sunday papers first though and study the form for Tuesday. Have a great SUN/SON/DAUGHTER/MOTHER'S-Day ;-).