It's all going Pete Tong....but we got a gong!

Really!! WTF is this country coming to ? I realise I'm in danger of becoming a grumpy old man with this rant (so therefore I'm not a grumpy old man because I realise it) but the UK really does appear to be going to the dogs sometimes. What with the economic mess our banking sector have created for us and the general sense of disillusionment this has knocked on into general employment, topped off with one of the coldest winter's on record (which incidentally has cocked up the road infrastructure meaning we now have roadworks everywhere) - it's a wonder that any of us can still face getting out of bed in the mornings!

However. WE ARE BRITISH! and that means we've got that spirit. Nothing can stop us even if we stare at the ground around our scuffling feet and moan about it - we are still the most inventive, innovative and self-depreciative bunch of herbert's on a damp island off the coast of sunny europe (although that should probably read 'wet and rainy europe' just lately)

That huffy attitude didn't get us through two world-wars you know! ;-) Sorry - 'Don't mention the war - I did once, but I think I got away with it.'

It is with an enormous sense of pride - although not too outwardly, as we are Brits - that Amy Williams has gone and brung us 'ome a golden gong from the canadian olympics. Now that really is something to be proud of. You see - we really are great - even if we don't think we are. Next job is to clean up at the Oscars, so lets cheer on Helen Mirren, Carey Mulligan and Colin Firth and no matter what happens - Keep Calm and Carry On..Up the Khyber