It's Oscar!!

Busy weekend - Started with Auntie and M on Friday night in Morans followed by the Beehive - both of which I can highly recommend. Great night with great company, but Auntie didn't fare to well and we have a wonderfully funny story that will just run and run - so might be quite some time before she gets to live it down.

Saturday saw a large cooked breakfast, Mother's day shopping, The Vampires assistant, Harry Brown, a great sun-dried tomato spag-bol thing from Marks & Spencer and Episode 1 of Five Days.

Sunday saw shed building followed a great roast chicken and episodes 2 & 3 of Five Days. I was trying to stay awake for the event of the season, but to no now...

Happy Monday!!... "How could I possibly be expected to handle school on a day like this?" Crack of dawn and I'm sat watching the Oscars which I helpfully pre-recorded last night. Got to just get up and watch it before I hear it all over the news - Talk about Spoilers!!! I already had to shout had Chris-boring-Moyles who tried to trash it for me at 7am. Why do they do them on a Sunday and not a Saturday ?? Thank god for fast forward - at least I don't have to endure endless adverts and Claudia-stick insect-Winkelman! Anyway, I made my predictions on Sunday and here's how I got on (if you don't want to know the results don't click the links). So without further ado...

In a world.. where awards are dished out willy-nilly....

Correct Predictions:
Actor in a Supporting Role
Animated Feature Film
Music (Original Song)
Art Direction
Visual Effects
Actor in a Leading Role
Actress in a Leading Role

Incorrect Predictions:
Writing (Original Screenplay)
Short Film (Animated)
Documentary (Short Subject)
Short Film (Live Action)
Writing (Adapted Screenplay)
Actress in a Supporting Role
Costume Design
Sound Editing
Sound Mixing
Music (Original Score)
Documentary (Feature)
Film Editing
Foreign Language Film
Directing It was 50/50 split for this and Best Picture, and I jumped the wrong way :-(
Best Picture

8 out of 24!

Of course a special congrats to Lauren Bacall - still a star at 86!

And now to work... and bizarrley I have nothing in my Diary for Monday!! WTF!!??