It's Thursday!

It's Thursday. The weekend is in sight! Yipee!.. So first of all just a verbal (well textual) stream of thought containing all the stuff in my head that has to come out today. Costing for a solution which is 99% done but completely confuddled by those that claim to know what they're doing, shifting the goal posts around. Got to understand VMWare licensing costs again, because they're not the same as the last time I had to understand them. Got to book my hours. Got to get a hair cut. Got to wrap birthday presents for the little kids (not mine) Got to write my 750 words :-)

Starfleet (who claim they need to get rid of a load of resource) are suddenly loading me up with stuff to do. How odd, very bleeding odd. If there are too many of us, how can it be that we're all really flipping busy? I don't know and I'm starting not to care anymore either.

Come dine with me - that show on channel 4 where a bunch of strangers get together and cook each other dinner and then secretly score each others efforts. I don't watch it avidly, but have caught it this week and there's a woman on it who seems to use two sentences when only one is required. That's got me thinking how many other people I know who suffer from verbal diarrhea do the same thing. For example, she'll say something like "Thai Curry is my favourite. I really like Thai curry". As a fan of brevity, I can't quite get my head around it, although I probably do it myself from time to time and not realise. It's not a criticism but an observation.

Wednesday/Thursday Club tonight (WTC) and this week we're visiting a pub out in one of the surrounding villages. One of the lads works there as head chef and so understandably he didn't want to attend. I suggested to the rest of the members that we re-draw and two of them threw their toys out of the pram!!. Their take on it: rules are rules, however, neither of them were planning to attend this evening anyway specifically because of the choice of pub. So they're pre-judging the outcome and then moaning about everybody else doing the same thing and suggesting a change. You do have to wonder about people sometimes. Regardless, I'm still going and so is Stan and Bampy. If you want to understand that better then you'll have to find out about the WTC elsewhere online. On the plus side Jessie-cabs is taking us because there are no sensible buses to the back of beyond.

Salmon for dinner last night. The fish was cooked to perfection, the vegetables slightly overdone and the new potatoes slightly underdone. Washed it down with a glass of wine and watched "Famous, Rich and Jobless" a documentary on BBC1 where some so-called celebrity's move in with some people who are out of work. They only stay a week and I'm really not sure what they were supposed to achieve. The Irish gardener - whose name escapes me, came across as a complete arse and I felt he was saying things that we wanted to hear, while not really believing them. Gavin's Dad from Gavin & Stacey was much better. He actually understood the problems the family he was staying with were having and he even did what he could (given he only had a week) to try and help them. The program didn't do the job though because in the end the celebs moved out and the unemployed were still unemployed. It needs another episode to go back and see how they've got on - which I suspect was the original plan - however, looking through the schedules an episode doesn't appear to be forthcoming, so the only conclusion one can draw is that they didn't get jobs and nothing has changed. It really is tough out there in the jobs market, so it's not surprising that they may not be working - what is surprising is that Auntie seems to have taken advantage of these poor people to make a program where those of us that are lucky enough to have jobs can sit and watch and think "I'm glad that's not me". If that's Auntie's way of cheering up the population in a recession - they've missed the target completely. But what do I know ? ;-)

In other news - still no sign of the flying cars we were promised as kids, but nice to see that the Evil Mr Gates is no longer the richest man on the planet. Must be upsetting for him if he cares - although I suspect he probably doesn't. Not only that but the non Evil Google, seem to be after his crown as well, yet they appear in a sense to be becoming evil to get it. So it's not good against evil, more not-so-evil against evil.

Clearly, the haircut isn't going to happen before 9am now which is a bit of an arse, but so be it. Maybe tomorrow.