Roast Beef, Wallander & a Super Sunday

Mrs G went to see S yesterday morning. I feel very sad for her (S), evidently the loss of her mum has hit her very hard as I'm sure it would for most people. I had met her mum a few times and she was a very gracious and bright woman with a smile and a kind word for everyone. A sad loss.

A loss always makes you more aware of you and your loved ones own mortality and my heart goes out to her though I can't begin to imagine her pain. Monday's funeral will be a particularly uncomfortable affair.

I also realise what a wonderful person Mrs G is. Clearly I wouldn't have married her otherwise, but she does have the knack of empathy and more often than not puts others feelings before her own. I am a lucky man and no mistake. She's a lucky woman - but you didn't hear that from me ;-)

Daughter declared she wanted a roast for dinner and so I was told to accompany her to a local supermarket to assist in the aquisition of said food items. 40 quid later and a joint of beef with assorted vegetables are piled up in the fridge. Roast beef is most definetly one of the top ten meals in our household. We all love it.

Son had played football in the afternoon and lost, so a bit of beef would certainly cheer him up (not that he seemed particularly down hearted by the result) and Daughter invited her friend (the dancing hannis) to join us aswell. I carved, we all ate and very good it was too.

A little rugby which I did my best to avoid and a quiet evening allowed for a dash of come dine with me and a dollop of Wallander.

My father in law has been Reading the Wallander books as has my fellow blogger Scobi, and having recently caught an episode of the TV program I figured I should give them a go. What a delight. While they feel ploddy and bolted together, this style suits the subject perfectly. In fact I think half the reason they read the way they do is down to the translation from Swiss to English. But regardless the effect is most enjoyable. I've just finished reading the Pyramid and I'm about to start The Dogs of Riga. I'll let you know what I think dear reader. As for last nights TV episode, Kenneth B. Does an excellent job of replicating the slow and ploddy nature of the books that makes them almost as good as Morse (although I very much doubt anything will ever top John Thaw in that Role)

Now, what will today bring? So far, sunshine (all the while bring me laughter with your smile). I also heard word from the Dozster that a Super Sunday maybe part of the days plan. A Super Sunday involves a reasonably sized group of us going to the pub for lunch and a sporting event on a Sunday - which as we all know is a school night, so it's dangerous stuff. :-). Apparently it's the LV= final today (What can that be about? Some insurance match?? - I Jest) and it's Gloucester vs Northampton. It says here: Gloucester retain 11 of the team that beat Cardiff Blues in the semi-final with Rory Lawson's release by Scotland meaning he starts at scrum-half. I'm sure it will be an entertaining afternoon especially if the sunshine holds out.

This is my 2nd piece that I've posted using BlogPress from my iPhone. Typing on an iPhone gets easy enough with a bit of practice but for shear speed I prefer a full size keyboard. How about dictation? This is my only criticism of this otherwise faultless little app.


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