Seeing the light...

It's great to have more daylight. Really makes you feel like summer is finally on it's way and there will be fewer burglaries. How does the song go?:

I'm as honest,
as the day is long,
The longer the daylight,
the less I do wrong.

Always makes me smile, although waking up in the dark has thrown me off a little bit today having got used to the light.

Sunday's news is thin on the ground, which is how it should be on the day of rest.

S came round for a cuppa and was on fine form. She also brought L with her who its always a pleasure to see and have a chat with. L is S's eldest daughter (mid 20's) and is the life and soul of whichever room she happens to be in. In the last 12 months she also became a mum and now has a son, H, who is as bright as his mother. One of those kids that is just naturally adorable. Clearly having him around has helped all of their family in coping with the events of the last few weeks. I'd only met him two or three times before, but the first thing he did when plonked on the sofa next to a big geeky stranger, was scramble over the cushions and throw his arms around me with a huge smile. Needless to say, every heart in the room melted - a real ahhh moment. I could sense the broodyness in the air. :-) Time for a sharp exit.

A quick bit of shopping for food supplies followed by present wrapping and card writing in preparation for Daughter's big day which is officially today. Of course, with the adults of the house (namely Mrs G and I) having to get up and go to work for a living, daughter insisted on bringing the present opening forward a few hours to Sunday evening. Any excuse! Bless her.

Needless to say, she got her way, as daughters do when they plead with their fathers. Saying "no" in such cases just isn't an option as any father with a daughter will tell you. So cards were opened carefully in that way they are when kids are expecting large wads of paper to fall out of them in the form of cash, cheque (or credit card if it were possible) and she was respectably pleased with the way grand-parents, aunts and uncles had spoiled her.

Then there was the singing birthday card, which is brash and noisey and entertaing for the first two times you open it, forever to remain closed beyond those occasions for fear that you may have to listen to it again. What an excellent use of technology that isn't.

Tonight will see a bit of a birthday dinner at a location of her choice which I'm told will be a local hostelry and we are to expect up to 20 guests! So the quiet intimate family dinner has become a birthday party for the youths. We don't mind because most of her friends are almost as good company as she is (I know they wouldn't be her friends if that were not the case - not one to suffer fools) and it's a nice location with plenty of space and good food. In fact we feel quite priveledged that at the ripe old age of 20 she actually likes to have us hanging around with her and her friends. I can assure you, it always provides for hilarious conversations and there will certainly be much laughter and frivolity. No doubt all will go swimmingly.

The other interesting highlight of the evening was "Come Dine with Me" on Channel 4 (8pm). This week was Cheltenham so we took great delight in peering and pointing and saying things like "ooo, that was Filmed in so-and-so" or "that's outside of such-and-such". Then there were the actual contestants. It turns out that the winner is a good friend of Auntie S' and Mrs G has met her a couple of times. I've not had the pleasure, but compared to the other three, she was by far the most level headed of the bunch and struck me as a deserved winner. Looking forward to meeting her at one of Auntie S' conservatory soirees. The only man of the bunch was a complete buffoon (I think that's probably the kindest way I can put it).

So, to the order of the day, namely work. Only three days of it this week though and then, as I have eluded elsewhere, Mrs G and I will be off adventuring. I belive it's time for a little explanation. A long weekend with Sister and Brother-in-law and niece and nephews in the upper reaches of Scotland. About an hour from Aberdeen, just round the corner from Balmoral. It's beautiful countryside, breathtaking views and excerting walks (they are proper mountains up there you know). It's also a very long drive, especially in a very small car, but we haven't driven it for a few years now and frankly we're both looking forward to the adventurness (almost certainly not a real word but I can't think of the word I'm looking for in the dark) of it. The best bit being that if you see something interesting you can just stop, which of course you can't when you fly. So that's the outline, any suggestions for interesting spots to stop for a cuppa on the way, warmly recieved.

Must crack on. Enjoy your Monday and I hope you get to see the light now the days are longer.