Sonny Munday

I had a great weekend thankyou for asking. This is the standard response to the Monday morning question of how was your weekend? And I'm pleased to report that on this occasion (as on most if I'm honest) this response is correct. I really am a very lucky lad.

All went pretty much too plan - a couple of minor changes, but only for the better. Lovely piece of steak for dinner last night as cooked by daughter. She then promptly decided she couldn't eat it and had to go to sleep. Bless her, and to be fair, she'd had a very busy couple of days. The training for the specials is pretty much full on and she claims to know PACE (The Police And Criminal Evidence act) inside and out already.

Another beautiful day is dawning in the South West of the UK and a quick check of the forecast shows sunny intervals tomorrow, and the racecourse is always windy so can expect it to be generally cold and bright. Big coats will be the order of the day. There's been racing at cheltenham for almost 200 years (1815) with the early years taking place on top of the hill (Cleeve Hill) that the racecourse now nestles at the foot of. The first festival was in 1902 and is now considered a premier sporting event in the UK. It currently generates £50m + during the four days it runs, for the local economy, although whether it will this year remains to be seen. On one occasion (1978) it was actually abandoned because of the snow!! yes, snow!! It was rescheduled and ran in April instead. One other interesting set of numbers: 20,000 bottles of champagne, 30,000 bottles of wine, 240,000 bottles of beer and 220,000 pints of Guiness are consumed by festival goers at the course. This year I expect that to be 220,004 (at least) because Mrs G and I will partake in a couple I'm sure.

A final word on the Lovely Bones... I went back and sped-read it (is that right? sped-read? - whatever) and the result is that my memory had failed me. The Maguffin exists in both, but seems to have slightly differing significance is all. The tension built in one particular scene in the film, is far stronger than the same scene in the book (or at least that's how I see it). Regardless the prop appears in both and is treating the same in both, I can only put this down to my memory not being what it was. Come on, cut me some slack! It was 6 years ago that I read it!...

New phone cases for Daughter and I yesterday. Mine was starting to become very tatty and daughter didn't have one at all. Carphone warehouse were selling them, buy one, get one half price, so too good to miss. This plastic that they use to cover helicopter blades really does look good once it's on and experience has shown me how well it protects the phone. A pleasing product.

On a slightly more technical note - I hear a rumour (as is always the way with Mac products) that the v.4.0 iPhone software will allow multiple apps to run simultaneously. While this doesn't seem like a huge stride in terms of tech, it does mean that the iPhone is still likely to be the killer phone. Firmware upgrades have made it so.

this years Council Tax bill arrived this morning and I'm obviously ecstatic to not that it's gone up yet another four quid a month, which while it's their "lowest rise ever" (a fact that they're very proud of) it's still a rise. When will their "largest cut ever" come about. And of course they attribute their ability it providing such a low rise to them wishing to "help lessen the financial burden on local people while recovering from recession". I reality we only have our bins collected every other week now, which wasn't the case before the recession. You do the math, as our American cousins say. I suspect that most of their "saving" has come from the fact the we don't have a flood levy this year, which we had previously to pay for the floods. Looking through the booklet, there's no sign of ny cuts in budgets at all, in fact they all go up - so one could draw the conclusion that they were over charging us last year, and now their eating into their profits by giving us the "lowest rise ever". Thank god for local government. Where would we be without them ?? Oh yes, of course... better off!!!

Now to work, and according to my email, Starfleet's pricing team have percentage issues this morning, so that'll keep me busy for an hour or so I suspect. Why they just can't have a common understanding across the business I will never know. Best go and figure it out. Have fun!