A well earned Beer & Pizza

Last night saw beer and pizza's round at E&R's house. First time we've been to their house, and very nice it was too. Also in attendance was Auntie S & M. She seemed to be in much better condition than the last time we saw her, which had on that occasion involved several very large glasses of wine and a fair amount of stumbling. Or at least she was to start with. Perhaps the same cant be said for the end of the evening, but E&R had the vino flowing for the girls. We've all done it.

Interested to hear that R had bought E a new bag and a belt for valentines day and is now happy to report that the vacuum cleaner is running like a dream as a result! Im sure you can tell from that, that there was much frivolity, food, great company and wine. All were very tired by the time we got home.

Also found out that this Sunday's "Come Dine With Me" is in Cheltenham and features someone we sort of know by acquaintance. Watch out for Cathy (who you might have seen in Ab Fab darling) I know who wins, but I'm sworn to secrecy. Channel four 8pm.

M & I had some discussion over the iPad, and to be honest neither of us can get a straight opinion on it. Is it useful, or is it just tech for tech's sake ? I did read something recently where and Apple fanboy had said he was actively trying to talk himself out of wanting one, but each time he reads a review, he's back to square one and tempted to empty his bank account. Having reflected on it this morning, it's obviously going to go one of two ways - through the roof, or through the floor, and Apple being the canny salesmen they are, I suspect it may be the former. There is an awful lot of content ready for it, and once the developers have had a play with the new SDK I have no doubt the App Store will be packed to the rafters with interesting odds and sods. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating, and I think I shouldn't make any further predictions on the subject until I've actually had some hands on experience with one.

E&R have recently had a new lawn laid which looks fantastic. We all pointed out that as soon as it stops raining it will shrivel and die. Lawn envy is a terrible thing.

Today being a beautiful bright Saturday, damp and warm and as such it is a blank canvas, which can only mean the Mrs G has a whole host of "little jobs" that will need doing. First of which is for Mrs G to go to the hairdressers. I think her hair looks great already, but women have to have it just right and she'll just look all the more beautiful having it how she prefers I have no doubt.

Then there's a trip to Cheltenham scheduled to have the final adjustments made to daughter's birthday present and bits and bobs that will be required for next weeks adventure. More on that nearer the time. Daughter's off to special school for the day today. She says it's very interesting but an awful lot of classroom based learning to start with and that can be very boring in itself. She's just done Criminal Damage and Burglary - I suggested she could get up to 3 years for that. "Ha Ha - You funny - I kill you last" came the reply.

On Thursday a couple of the lads swore blind that Chelsea are going to beat Aston Villa 2-1 today, so I had a little flutter with some of my Cheltenham winnings - we'll see what happens, but that would be a nice little treat for a Saturday afternoon, and I think we might pay a visit to The Brown Jug for lunch.

Mustn't forget that tonight we have an hour less of sleep, so a lie in on Sunday will be the correct way to deal with that. Of course, the annual debate about "should we/shouldn't we change the clocks" has started. Interestingly (for me) I was born during the the two year GMT+1 experiment where we were effectively an hour ahead from 1968 to 1971. The argument goes that there are far fewer accidents as a result of the lighter evenings, but now we're living in a 24x7 society I'd be surprised if it really makes a great deal of difference. The library of the house of commons has a paper on it, which you may or may not find interesting. Here it is.

Enjoy your final hour of darkness ;-)