Working from Home - Operative word: WORKING!

How do you help your loved one's understand that working from home actually means you are working?! I'm not sat here for my own good you know. For some reason there's an assumption that because I'm at home all day I must be able to hoover and clean the house from top to bottom, get all the washing and ironing done, sort the shopping budget out, pay all the bills and generally fanny around with domesticity.

Would they think the same if I was away in an office every day?? Of course not. I'm not saying I can't get any of it done, naturally when I'm making a cup of tea I can sort the dishwasher out, or switch the washing machine on - but I can't spend 8 hours doing it all. I have a job!! I believe it's unfair to criticise someone until you've lived a day in their shoes, but that doesn't stop human nature making assumptions that don't stack up. I'm not complaining, just venting.

Socially, I didn't make the Wednesday/Thursday Club last night, just because we're out tonight with Auntie. Will be meeting her new beau, so that will be interesting stuff I'm sure. Always interesting to meet new people and hear their view of the world. The WTC tell me they had a fantastic night at the Salisbury in Cheltenham though, so looks like I missed a good one.

Is it a good thing to put a tick in a box for the sake of putting a tick in a box ? Probably not.

Shed building on Sunday.