The 5th day of the working week

"Es sit Freitag" or "c'est vendredi", either way - thank feck for that.

Well, it turns out that things at my Starfleet meeting went quite well. Time will tell what the results of it all will be, but after all the worry, I feel better just for getting it all off my chest. Upstairs in a rather cramped office at one of the outposts was the location and it consisted of all the standard items that are usually covered in meetings of this type. Nothing unusual and entirely as expected. However, there was a reason that the office was cramped, and that was the fact that we were sharing it with an elephant that my commander was doing his best not to engage in any conversation. Those that know me, will know I'm a sociable chap, and felt sorry for the great grey beast sat there all alone so I set about making it my business to introduce my commander to him. He produced a bag of peanuts and elephants are very big. Make of this what you will. I have nothing more to add on the subject.

So after relative success (and I stress the word relative) I was still in need of refreshment which would come in the form of the WTC. As you may know this put me between a rock and a hard place with respect to the #LeadersDebate. I watched some on my phone, though the pub was too noisy to focus, I followed along on twitter, though the twitterati tend not too focus on the detail (well how can you in 140 characters?) This means that I find myself this morning in the position that Scobi was last week and judging the results on this mornings analysis. I did record it though and I will watch it - probably during my lunch today. It'll be interesting to see if my opinion lines up with anything the press are saying.

Something I have found very surprising over the last week or two is the number of people that have really become engaged in the whole election / politics process. I know you can't avoid it because of the news, but last night's conversation in the pub was 80% political which is something I would never have expected from the assembled members in a month of Sundays. But then it was Thursday. What started as very much a passing comment in the canteen at Starfleet yesterday also turned into a good hours worth of political opinion and I was very interested to discover that one of our number sit on the local council.

Equally surprising to me is how engaged I've become by it. A couple of months ago I would have had little if no interest in it at all, but since my conversations with Parmjit Dhanda and the lack or results from him combined with the televised debates (there's nowhere to hide) I'm completely riveted by the whole circus of it. I can't believe I've even gone to the trouble of taking the day off on Friday the 7th just to stay up all night on the 6th and watch the results. This is a worry to me. I have no intention of standing for office at any level. (Just wanted to clear that up)

What I really do need to do - and I don't know if I'm going to get enough time to do it - is to properly figure out the contents of the parties manifesto's and which policies are best. That, after all is the only indicator that we have to go on besides our own experiences of those involved. What I mean by this, is that if someone says they're going to do something, are they actually going to do it ? or to put it another way, can they be trusted ? So let's think about that for a moment. Hmmmmm.... Expenses? Tax? Economy? Iraq? Digital Economy Bill?.... bugg3r! They can't be trusted can they? I'm still going to have to analyse the policies - although I suspect that that could lead me nowhere too.

To other things.... Finally have arranged for BBB to visit Mother-in-Laws this evening and measure up for her new bathroom. In theory this is a twenty minute job, but I believe that while I hold my Mother-in-Law in very great esteem (she is easily my favourite Mother-in-Law of all time), she is extremely adept at removing the two rear limbs of a quadrupedal domesticated equidae using only the power of speech.

Beyond that, some last minute preparations for our weekend of socialising and a huge sigh of relief that it really is Friday! Have a great weekend.


  1. I watched Gordon Grey, David Macaroon and Knicker Leg (say it quickly, aloud) last night and have an idea. We should make them all present their maifestos in a PowerPoint format using a template defined by legislation. I'd vote for the one that manages to slip a slide in showing a photo of a girl in a bikini and exclaims "How did that one get in there?"


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