Back to School

All day yesterday was training. All day today will be training and you guessed it, all day tomorrow will be training too. Oh what bliss .

The training isn't at my normal place of work, i.e. home, but instead at our local-ish Starfleet office. This involves a "Journey to Work", which I know many many people have to do every day, but I'm not one of them. In fact, if it were up to me, the majority of the country wouldn't have to journey to work. Let's face it, it is a silly thing. Getting in a car and driving for (on average) an hour everyday, to sit at a desk and be interrupted from your work and not get it done, only to sit in a car and drive for (on average) an hour home again afterwards. Of course I'm generalising no end, but it is true on a basic level.

The journey to my Starfleet Office I see in five major chunks. There's the bit where I get my coffee, the bit on the motorway, the twisty turny bit, the dual carriage way bit and the parking bit. It takes about (on average) an hour, damages the environment, and bores me sensless, although at least I can find something interesting to listen to for the duration.

The bit where I get my coffee involves a short stop at my local BP Garage where they charge 2 quid for a large cup of milky gloop. I can't grumble about it - it starts me off and keeps me going until I get there.

The second stretch is a short hop up the M5. The issue here can be the traffic out of town to the motorway junction. I've known this 2 mile run take up to 30 minutes if you time it wrong. The kids are still on holiday at the moment, so not many mums in their 4x4s (What is that about?) slowing everything down.

The twisty-turney bit is a drag if you get stuck behind a bus and the dual carriage way bit is just that.

Until yesterday the parking bit has always been uneventful, but on returning to my vehicle last night, what did I find but a roof covered in bird-poo. I use the word poo for it's comic effect. (It's well known that using the word poo, twice, in any circumstances, is funny - end of). Well, god only knows what this particular bird had been eating but it took a serious amount of scrubbing to shift it and needless to say I won't be parking under that tree today.

It turns out that the training isn't that bad actually. There's a few crew members I haven't seen in a while and it's always good to catch up with people face-to-face. The subject matter is quite engaging for my inner geek in a sort of accountancy way. It's a new course and so we're acting as guinea pigs to the trainer and because it's a new tool set, there's lots of opportunities to go "ooo" and "ahh" followed by "That'll never work" or "That's a bit dangerous". It is only numbers and calculations so in point of fact it's not really dangerous at all. If I'm honest I'm secretly enjoying the change and nobody could match that tie - with anything :-)

Daughter had the next part of Special School last night (Assault & Battery). I did realise that it is poosible to assault someone without battering them and it's possible to batter someone without assualting them - well, so she said, although I wasn't fully convinced. We also had a very quick run through of her political beliefs using the website. Turns out she's all set to vote UKIP. Oh how I laughed. I think she's going to rethink and learn a bit more about the details before she has another go.


  1. Enjoyed the blog, especially the tie comment.

  2. that tie will go with any blue blazer!


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