Bits of stuff and that...

STUFF (stf)
1. The material out of which something is made or formed; substance.
2. The essential substance or elements; essence: "We are such stuff/As dreams are made on" (Shakespeare).
3. Informal
   a. Unspecified material: "Put that stuff over there."
   b. Household or personal articles considered as a group.
   c. Worthless objects.

4. Slang Specific talk or actions: "Don't give me that stuff about being tired."
5. Sports
   a. The control a player has over a ball.
   b. The spin, english, curve, or speed imparted to a ball.
6. Basketball A dunk shot.
7. Special capability: The team really showed its stuff and won the championship.
8. Chiefly British Woven material, especially woolens.
9. Slang Money; cash.
10. Slang A drug, especially one that is illegal or habit-forming.

Home Stuff (1. Material from which I am formed): Daughter survived her trip to Thorpe Park and arrived home tired and sunburned. Then she had the girls round later to watch Saw 4 (after riding the Saw roller coaster and scaring themselves in the Saw live maze). Bless em. I made pizza's for dinner for me & Mrs G - too big and probably very unhealthy, but you have to have a treat now and again don't you.

Work stuff (1. Partially which generates 9.... or possibly 3c): My Starfleet workload has been keeping me busy (which is no bad thing) and it's helping take my mind off of Thursday - although it does leave me exasperated at the plans to reduce crew members when there's obviously plenty of exploration to do still. Worse still are the recent results announcements that have shown starfleet to be fairing exceptionally well compared to other elements in the United Federation of Planets (some odd people refer to the UFP as stock exchanges)

Odds and sods (3a veering to 10 if you're a geek like me): Next time you need a typeface ask Julian Hansen, clever stuff (7). What ever happened to the Spirograph stuff (5b?), Don't' worry about that Brain Training stuff (3c) and finally Google's Government Requests stuff

Politics now (Probably 8): and Oooo what fun and high jinks. Poor old Gordon, well actually poor not-as-old Ed Milliband (brother of David - Dedwood??). If you missed the heckling he got in Swindon where he visited with the PM yesterday, what a shame. It was beautiful. In fact, a bad day all round for the Labour lads it seems.

Started off with Gordon getting a kicking on Radio 1's newsbeat. While trying to appeal to the youth vote, a 24 year old and an 18 year old got wound up with him over immigration and he wasn't in a comfortable position. (never work with children and animals). However, things went from bad to worse when he & Ed (and the dark lord) went to Swindon. Here's how the BBC reported it:

Gordon Brown's visit to a school in Swindon has descended into confusion before the Labour leader has even arrived, reports the BBC's James Cook. It appears the Labour Party has failed to clear the visit with the relevant authorities at Swindon Borough Council. Mr Brown had expected to be filmed and photographed inside the school, but the council will not allow the media onto their premises to film a politician during a general election campaign. A spokeswoman for the Conservative-controlled council said the same rule would apply to David Cameron.

Then from the BBC's James Cook: Earlier, the council stopped media filming him there because of rules surrounding election coverage. The Labour Party said it was "absolutely outrageous that the Tory council is trying to block access to the great facilities provided here". Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband was also confronted by an angry man outside the school. He accused the government of doing nothing to help people struggling to cope in the recession or the town itself. He was eventually invited inside to meet the prime minister.

The heckler who confronted Ed Miliband in Swindon, John Doyle, has said he's now had a word with Gordon Brown, reports the BBC's Iain Watson. Mr Doyle says the PM blamed the local Tory council for not telling him what help there is for small businesses. Mr Brown has arranged a meeting for Mr Doyle with the local Labour candidate Anne Snelgrove tomorrow.

It's an enjoyable race and it seems it's all to play for between the Conservatives and the Lib Dems and after Dave's disastrous interview here, It looks more like the blues and reds are stuffed and there is only one choice.