Boldly going...

Well, I suppose it had to happen. I hear the roar of it in the distance and yet continue to bumble along with the rest of the crowd and keep making wool. Back to work...

Yesterday was blissful. Lawn mowed, house tidied, bills paid, real life back in spades. Sunshine for most of it though and no work to be done.

I also managed to finally crow bar 'Twilight' into my movie watching schedule. What a pleasant surprise. I fully expected it to be nauseating teenage angst (especially after all fuss about Robert Pattinson, the lead) but actually it's a pretty good vampire movie wrapped up in love story. Of course all the best vampire stories are, with the possible exception of The Lost Boys. If you haven't read Bram Stoker's Dracula you absolutely must, not only is it a superb specimen of gothic horror, it's also free. The fact that it's written as a series of letters and diary entries just makes it all the more accessible and compelling. The arrival in England and the descriptions of Whitby have regularly given me the urge to visit what is essentially a town that smells of fish. Bram Stoker used to spend his holidays in Whitby, no doubt taking in the pungent air, so I think I can see what made him use it as a setting for a horror story.

Having enjoyed the first one I suppose this means I will have to at least endure the second - ( New Moon ) which will probably be not as well constructed as the first. A long standing tradition in the film industry, that the second film is always far worse than the first and so on with the third. This tradition is kept alive by every so often breaking it and making a damn good third or fourth in a franchise (whatever happend to the word series when referring to films - we're all too marketing savvy I imagine) Something to look forward to. Examples in the comments section please...

Good to hear that all has gone well for SS and he's now the pround father of a Len. Beer shall no doubt be quaffed in his name at this week's WTC.

Mrs G zipped to the garden center and bought three new bushes for the front of house pots - the previous ones didn't survive the particularly harsh winter that we had this year. Consindering she regularly states that she hates gardening and has no interest in growing plants, she actually has some very green fingers and quite an eye for good looking pots. She also considers pot plants not to be the same as gardening although personally I can't see the difference. You're still growing stuff.

I should have tackled the garage, it really needs a clear out, but to be honest I don't know where to start. I'm saving it for an evening in the week now we have more daylight. At least that's what I'm telling myself. It's piled high with recycling so I suppose that's the easy bit, just means a trip to our local Sainsbury's car park.

Beyond that though there's the bar-b-q. Now that's a bit more of a mission. It's one of those woodenframed gas burner versions with a grill and hotplate. It's great but we left it late to move it out of the weather and it really needs stripping down, sanding, retreating, varnishing, a damn good clean of the metalwork and then re-assembling.

Then there will be taking the roof off of the car and putting it in storage for the summer. That job is really simple but I can never quite decide either a) when is exactly the right time to be taking it off without looking like someone wishing it was summer when it clearly isn't or b) the best way to store it - either outer roof toward the wall or inner roof toward the wall. I have been promising myself some sort of suspension from the ceiling contraption, so perhaps I should lend some thought to that concept.

Then there's various empty boxes that we seem to have accumulated through the winter. You know those large ones that are too big to easily go into the recycling and will probably be really useful for somethingorother. If only we could work out what the somethingorother is!!?

Garage tidying is not something I'm adverse to doing, it's just I know it'll be a couple of weekends worth of work to do it right, and the weekends are both packed and precious.

Well the sun is coming up, so before I'm exposed for the diamond encrusted blood sucking monster that I am, I should close the curtains and get on with some proper work. Lambs to Lions.... Baaaaa.