Digi-lection and Social-eyes-in

As a huge portion of the population now live online, it's no surprise that the election in all it's gory glory is being played out all over the Internet. I spent the evening digging around it all and here for your delectation are some of the more interesting sites (or sights) to see...

Who should you vote for? Vote Match can help you. I know I've already mentioned this site, but I've included it here for completeness. You don't have to enter your postcode or email address for this to work by the way. The Tweetlection site tracks twitter posts about the three major parties and graphs them in interesting ways. The TwitElection does more for similar data. Finally, Electoral Calculus.co.uk tries to calculate the result based on a set of poll results

Reference Sites:
Voter Power shows you how many votes your vote is worth but be prepared for a shock with this one. There's everything you wanted to know about your MP but were afraid to ask at TheyWorkForYou.com. Then there is the UK Parliamentary process and rules for elections and no reference list would be complete without something from Wikipedia. They have this entry on the UK General Election

Twitter feeds:
It appears that Nick Clegg is the only one of the three main leaders to have a twitter account, but you can follow the parties here: The Conservatives, The Labour Party and the The Liberal Democrats.
When it's all said and done you can follow the winner's house here at Number 10. Until then, you can keep an eye on the current pulse of the election via the Twitterati through the #ge2010 tag.

News Pages:
The BBC's Live Election coverage
Sky News Election coverage
The Daily Telegraph
The Guardian
The Times

Other bits and bobs:

OK - enough of that, now to real life. What another stunningly beautiful morning it is. Last night saw the lawn mown and the little cherub that is daughter off out for her boyfriend's mum's birthday dinner. I don't think she was keen to start with, but she was perfectly happy about it all this morning, so I guess she had nothing to be concerned about after all. Curry, I think. Today see's her back at special school (for the special people) and they're starting to do some reel life practical work. Stopping cars no less. And not guinea pigs, but the general public themselves. Terrifying stuff, and I for one will not be driving anywhere near where they're being educated.

Son didn't join us last night as he wasn't sure what he was doing - you can rely on youths to be particularly disorganised - not that it mattered. He is old enough to make up his own mind about what he should be doing and to be honest he'd rather be playing Call Of Duty with his mates than talking to us about his working week. Having said that, he's joining us today post his football match, and I suspect that his girlfriend might be too, so plenty of entertainment to be had there. Either way, it'll be good to see him and catch up. Also had some sad family news that I can't talk about, but can only be supportive - nuff said.

Me and Mrs G are having a leisurely Saturday though. At least that's the plan. A trip into Chelter's to meet up with D,The Orange One, BBB & their respective other halves for lunch, a pint and bit of foot action on the telly I presume. It's a beautiful day for it as long as it's in the right establishment. We were going to visit the in-laws post match so that BBB could size up their bathroom for a refit, but it turns out that J&W (the inlays) are travelling to the midlands today, so may have to crowbar that in tomorrow. Would also like to drop in on SS and his new boy (Mrs G insisted on a little gift for him which is a nice touch). Don't know what his movements are yet though.

I do, on the other hand, know what Ears and Nose are up to. They are stuck in Spain due to the volcanic ash cloud stopping all the flights. They've hired a car and got to the French border and they've managed to book a seat on a Ferry, but anything could happen. Now I'm a bit jealous of an adventure like that - although I know that Ears would be pulling his hair out if he had any - but for me, the not knowing how we're going to pull off this great escape from the continent would be a great challenge. I'm probably romanticising the idea of the whole episode and would just me miserable if it was actually happening. It all comes back to the old adage, that you just cannot control the world, it controls you, you can only influence (it's the same for everything) - so relax and enjoy it.