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I am so fuming mad with the parliamentary process, with MPs, with our so-called elected representatives that I can't actually write just now. I'm just exceptionally, deeply, truly sad for the state of our nation and shamed that money can change the law in such a way.

Call me naive, but Britain was Great once.

If you missed it, the blood and guts are here:

PS: Just to help you understand my frustration at my MP, during the 3rd reading of the Bill (no, not the TV series that ITV are cancelling - do pay attention bond) last night, my elected representative twittered (because he's so in touch with his constituents) the following:

"Meant to be preparing for the radio glos hustings tomorrow but man utd v bayern is much more exciting!"

This after I for one had asked him to vote!! Now I understand MP's are busy people, but really....

OK. That's it!! I'm officially off my soap box for the time being. Of course the politics will be impossible to avoid over the next 4 weeks so I'm bound to get back on it again at some point, but for now..... Nuff said.