The Granite City and Cork Tiles

Unfortunatly the rain has arrived although not in huge dosses. This means the snow is turning to slush but only on the lower ground.

We have planned to visit Aberdeen (the granite city) but first to the matter of cork tiling the conservatory floor. According to the instructions you should open the packets and let the tiles aclamitise for up to 36 hours. The problem with this is as the tiles warm up the corners start to curl. Not only that but D & I have reached the conclusion that the glue is simply not up to the job. So, we've laid about a third of the floor and applyed heavy tomes to the corners and joints while they set. Logic being, review the condition later in the day and see what needs to be done.

In the mean time A & L have gone to see the horses, Mrs G is attacking her book, D is cleaning the menagery (includes some snake handling) and I'm wake boarding and arching with W & F on the Wii. Very sporty.

The train to the city involved a very entertaining journey. A hen do from Inverness were also on board and I have a suspicion that theyay have been on the 'Bucky' already. D & I were propositioned - the offer being a kiss from the bride to be. not a bad offer, bit then we had to pay a pound each for the priviledge into their drinking fund. Ahh the folly of youth.

Union street is the new shopping center in Aberdeen and very posh it is too. Complete with all the eateries, we plumbed for the extra cheesey cheese pizza hut. Kids love pizza. There's an apple store (result, although not for my wallet - finally sucumbed to a tomtom cradle for the iPhone) and all the shops you'd expect to find in a metropolis of this ilk. I also managed to pick up an expresso coffee maker from John Lewis (scobi will be impressed) and Mrs G found a new handbag with 5 minutes to spare for the train home.

It is a grey city and no amount of new shops can change that. It's the granite you see. Some wonderful looking buildings and it feels lived-in and loved regardless of it's dour complexion.

On return and thanks to the wordy weight of the British Medical Society's Complete Family Health, Egyptorium, Ocean, Earth, the Collins Complete DIY and many other volumes, the corners of the cork tiles have stuck. So with beer in hand it's onwards into glory and the rest of the conservatory floor. Well, at least another couple of rows while we still have sufficient books.

G&Ts and wonderful local steak pie rolling into copious glasses of some red grape and dose of 'Lewis' sent us to sweet dreams - That'll be all that cheesey pizza!. Night all.


  1. I hope you and the coffee machine have a wonderful life together.

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