iPhone gets "Geektastic" with OS 4

Let's hear it for Mrs G who has successfully acquired a new job!! WooHoooo! Dodgy stuff given the current economic climate, but then again, when isn't changing jobs a dodgy thing to do ? I actually think it's exactly the right move, it's nearer to home and a few less hours but very slightly more salary, so all in all a result. She's a clever one and no mistake.

Daughter seems to have been a bit miserable of late, and I'm damned if I know why. But then, they go through these little fazes and I'm sure it won't last long. I don't think I've done anything to upset her, but you just never can tell for 100% certainty without a proper conversation and the hours she's been working have made that tricky lately. Probably just over-tired ;-) She's got special school this weekend, so I'm sure she'll perk up, especially as it's not much longer now until she can actually start doing something with all the training she's been getting. She is a star, and we really are very lucky to have her in our lives - even though it might not always seem like that, we wouldn't have it any other way. Sounds like a bunch of cliche's but they are the truth.

WTC last night and it was great to catch up with the lads. Filled with Thai curry.

In geek news: Apple iPhone OS v4.0. From 6pm GMT last night, there was an event in the US where Apple unveiled some of what will be in the next version of the iPhone software. Very geeky because it's for developers, but still headed up by Steve Jobs, it's as much a sales pitch as anything else.

Of course so close on the heals of the iPad launch, it had to get a mention. Sure enough Mr Jobs didn't leave it out with a couple of interesting key facts. They sold 300,000 on the first day and half that again in the "less-than-a-week" since. Walt Mossberg, who is a respected journalist and citric on the Wall Street Journal has said "After spending hours and hours with it, I believe this beautiful new touch-screen device from Apple has the potential to change portable computing profoundly....." That's a big shout. OK. They're obviously great, but I'm still holding onto my hard-earned for just a bit longer. I think the next version will be the one I want. What I really want to know about is the future of the iPhone.

Apple have sold over 50million iPhones since launch and in the summer iPhone users will be getting iPhone OS 4. It will contain over 100 new user features such as 5x Digital Zoom, Geo-tagging, creating playlists, bluetooth keyboards and support for "Places" in the photo library (this is in line with the iPhoto app on the Max OSX) and HTML 5 support (that means another pop at Adobe flash) But that's not the big news. It's all about multitasking. Basically theres 7 key elements:

1. New API's: Background Audio, Voice over IP, Background Location (GPS), Local notifications (this builds on Push notifications), Task completion (for background tasks before exit) and Fast App Switching.

2. Folders for improved App management allowing up to 2,160 (you'll never need that many) apps to be installed in total.

3. Unified mail inbox. Most users have more than one email address, this provides a method for getting your mail in a single place (including support for multiple exchange accounts) and can be organised by thread.

4. iBooks - lifted from the iPad and re-developed for the iPhone.

5. Targeting the Enterprise. A raft of enterprise level tweaks to start rivalling the blackberry (which is seen as the exec workhorse).

6. Game Center, to rival the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS with a social gaming network, matchmaking, invites and leaderboards.

7. iAd, Mobile Advertising

So that's the short version and what do you think is my verdict? I can't wait. Multitasking should have been in from the start, but it's doing a pretty good job of keeping up with the Android's of this world. A side-by-side comparison is an absolute must, but I guess we'll have to wait until the summer for the public release before that happens.

Back in the real world and Mrs G and I are off adventuring again this weekend, although not quite as far as the last one. This time it's North Wales, well just south of Caernarfon actually. My Mum and Dad are up there for the week, so we're going to meet up and hopefully have a bit of a walk along the Welsh coastline in the area (which I'm told is beautiful but I can't remember it from my childhood visits). It's not the full 8 hours driving that Scotland was, but surprisingly it's still a good 4 hours dues to the nature of cross country driving through Wales and the little problem of Snowdonia!! More mountains!! I love 'em.

That's my stream of consciousness this morning - have a great day.