Quizzing in a small world!

Some changes in plan mean that I'm picking up BBB this morning and measuring up the Mother-in-laws bathroom. And then..... To the bat cave robin... Err.. Hang on... To the gar-rage robin! That's what I meant.

But before all that, updates on yesterday and last nights quiz. Mrs G and I trundled into Chelter's on the park and ride. 2 pound per person, parking all day. It's not bad really but it does feel like a bit of a faff sometimes and I'd usually use one of the carparks (which in reality is more expensive and even more of a faff). Funny how perception effects us like that.

We had a bit of mince around the shops and I managed to pick up the first of the coffee's that I shall be testing over the coming days (Old Brown Java). Three quid for a 250 gram bag (makes it sound like a drugs deal) and I suppose in a way it is. Just about to brew my first hit off of hit once I've finished my blurb here. Also managed to finally spend my Fat Face gift voucher which has been hanging around in my wallet since Christmas thanks to my ever generous sister. Got a very nice sweatshirt reduced from £55 to £30 - so a veritable bargain. Even though there was grand sunshine, there was still a slight breeze that took the edge of it, so much so that Mrs G decided she needed a cardigan for her shoulders (I think it was just a pretty good excuse to buy clothes - but what do I know).

By quarter to one we were all set to meet up with the gang in "Tailor's" which is a nice bar up the other end of Cheltenham Town. It was packed, but after some surupticious loitering in the correct manner we were able to secure a table outside in the sunshine. D was already inside watching the game (Man U v Man C) and BBB&A&B and D&E soon joined us. Had a fantastic Brie and Bacon toast and a very refreshing larger shandy (well I'm driving). Many giggles were had and the temptation just to stay all night was very strong. D's cousin arrived (C) and it turns out that she works at the same place that Mrs G is about to start her new job. What a small world! and of course on the plus side, it means Mrs G will have at least one recognisable face on-site from day one. Good stuff.

Home and chilling for the last part of the afternoon before we dash off quizzing with Auntie S & M. She picked us up, which is a result on the taxi/drinking/driving front and whisked us off to a tiny village hall in the middle of nowhere. Didn't expect to see anyone we knew other than S&M but who should be running the bar but M from over the road. (He lives opposite us!) What a small world!. A bargain night and many more giggles were had. £5 entry to the quiz, first beer free, £1 per drink (beer and wine) all night, £5's worth of raffle tickets, and then M (from over the road) very generously gave us a lift home. We were fourth overall, and what did we learn ?? Well, that Ayer's rock isn't called BoraBora it's Uluru (it was on the tip of my tounge) and that the 3 wise kings were Balthasar and Caspar and the other one. Oh and that Victoria Beckham on Roller Skates is a "Wagon Wheel" - geddit?? Terrible. But very entertaining none the less.

And so to Sunday and yet another beautiful morning. If your into F1, look away know, but well done Jensen Button. Great start to the day. Just spoken to the in-laws, who have no decided they're out again today and so BBB and I won't be measuring bathrooms this morning - faffing occurring methinks. So with that leetle job not to do, I'm going to get into the garage and finally clear it out. If I can find enough time and energy, I might even get the ladders out and wash the windows, but it's a long way up and I suspect I may not be in the mood.

So it's off to my Old Brown Java and toast while Mrs G pop's out to get some cooking ingredients and the Sunday Papers. Very much looking forward to reading how Mr Cameron (who was in Gloucester yesterday by the way - and I didn't know!! - What a small World!) is going to "Turn on Mr Clegg" come next Thursday's debate. Mad stuff going on there.


  1. Bad Man or Mad Man?7:01 pm

    So, How as the OBJ ?

  2. Superb! - See todays post for more. Will be making another trip as soon as this bag's empty ;-)

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