Shocking State of the State

You're not allowed to publish the results of any votes cast in an election until the polling stations have closed. This is a law in the UK. With that in mind....

Read this: and wonder why the voting public are so disaffected by the entire process of Government. Shocking.

Anyway, I drew this to Rory Cellan-Jones' attention with this tweet:
@ruskin147 ... have the Beeb got this story?

Rory posted this:
Extraordinary - in now deleted tweet Labour's @Kerry4MP reported "First PVs opened in east Bristol..." and gave figs for postal votes

And then very kindly Direct Messsaged (DM'd) me back

good story - have you got her original tweet?

Unfortunatly I didn't, but it was still around, thanks to the hefty retreating it had been getting.

@ruskin147 Sorry Rory, I don't - but it still appears on the UKLabourParty Twitter page: (Can't DM you)

Rory is now a follower of mine, so in future I will be able to DM him (Bound to be useful given the amount of tech I get through). Rory went on to contact Kerry

according to @kerry4mp @UKLabourParty is not an official account. She says she deleted the PV tweet in mins and spoke to returning officer

and that, as they say, is that - for the time being. Who knows, Rory might give me a mention on BBC News 24, or he might not. I'm not expecting to get famous, but I'm happy to have helped out a journalist who I enjoy listening to and is regularly extremely informative.

I'll leave you with this post...

@ElectoralCommUK Electoral Comm guidance on opening postal votes: <- Who said Twitter was no use?! #kerryout #ge2010