Slogging south, Morpheus and Dissolution

Driving through the driving rain on a bank holiday Monday is most definetly not the thing to do. In the words of vivien - bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored BORED! Harumph. I'm sure it wasn't this far on the way up here. :-) Oh one thing I nearly forgot here: The traffic plugin for Tomtom - absolute godsend. Saved us at least an hour around the M6 at Manchester. If it transpires I'll be travelling a lot, then I will definitely be investing in the full annual subscription. Great use of tech.

8 hours later and we're home. Tired and in need of food and refreshment. The youths are filling the house with a roast dinner - how kind of them - ahhh. But. Of course. None for us. Marvellous. Plenty of washing up to be done though. :-(

Spaghetti Bolognese it is then. Closely followed by sleep, sleep and more sleep. 8 hours full driving does knock it out of you.

Awoken to the sunshine and very pleased to note that Mrs G and I have another day's holiday before returning to the grindstone on Wednesday. Poor daughter has to go to work, but then from what I can see she has been partying all weekend and for the most part the house and cats have survived. So for Mrs G and I a day of rest is just what's required. However I fear it may be filled with lots of 'leetle jobz' as they say in Germany. The lawn will need mowing for one, then there's car hoovering, food shopping, general house tidying - all the normal boring domesticity. As much as I've enjoyed our adventure to the northern reaches of our island, Dorithy is right when she says "There's no place like home".

Glad to be back and full connectivity restored. I was aware of the poor mobile phone and 3G coverage in the North (via a project I've worked on at Starfleet) however, I don't think I'd grasped just how patchy it really is. To be acurate unless you are in at least a town, it's pretty much useless. Phone calls can't really happen. Furthermore broadband speeds are about 1Mb, equally appalling. So in general, connectivity for text, Internet, email etc doesn't exist in huge stretches of the country. This isn't a bad thing. There are plenty of people that want to shut themselves off from the world, and even I enjoy it for a while - but generally I don't like being out of the loop, especially the geeky ones.

Talking of being "in the loop", Thursday May the 6th has been announced as the date of the next General Election and the media will now be mental for the next month, starting off with the current PM (Gordon "Bennett" Brown, Unelected) going to visit Her Maj to ask her to dissolve parliament. Does he realise she is going to need a seriously large glass of water for that job and most of those MPs are going leave a very icky residue. Uughh.

The opinion polls (which mean nothing) can't call it, and i'm still leaning towards a hung parliament at the moment. But, and it's a big but, this will be the first election race in the UK to contain televised debates between the leaders of the three main parties. That is going to make an interesting race. Already we've had the three chancellors together on TV in which I'm told Vince Cable of the Yellow team did very well. Traditionally the yellow's don't get much of a look in, but anything could happen with TV debates. What with the right to vote belonging to everyone over the age of 18 (even the thicko's, of which there are regrettably quite a few) combined with their love of such shows as Britains strickly got dancing on a celebrity, get me out of the x-factor, could mean that the fat Scottish ugly one whose prone to bouts of violence (but wierdly can sing like an angel) might get in yet again!!! You didn't know Gordon could sing did you? ;-)

I suspect that Her Maj will be only too happy to grant the dissolution. After all the current lot seem to be getting the country a very bad name - they really are a bunch of tits - and she won't like that. I guess I must be a royalist because I love the Queen, however I've never known anyone else to be our monarch, so it's entirly possible that I'd have a different opinion if for instance Charles was King. I have given this a little thought lately, not least because Her Maj is 'getting on a bit' but my conclusion is that Charles shouldn't be King. It pains me to suggest bucking the system of tradition, but his life has not been that of a potential Monarch, but more of a Monarch-in-waiting, which I believe has led him to make some poor decisions. Far more likely to succeed the throne (interesting turn of phrase that - I'll have to look it up - succeed - is it a competition?) would be one of his sons and of the two the most rounded would seem to me to be Harry. Time will tell.

And so - to the day!! I think I'll start with a proper cup of coffee (spelt correctly) from a proper cup of coffee pot and then a quick drive to North Wales. Driving, driving and more driving. Actually, I am driving to North Wales but that's next weekend and I'll save it for another day. Enjoy the pre election springtime.