The Theft of Stars

It has come to my attention that the good people of Scotland may have been stealing our stars. It's a story for great intrigue, deception, probably involves a car chase or two, and a massive cliff hanger. Or am I confusing that with the Italian job ?

In this part of Scotland, when night has fallen from it's perch high above the cairngorms, if one should casually look to the sky (as I did) one might be surprised to see a huge number of stars. A moment of jaw dropping and gaping and then of course the penny drops and I understand the real reason for this (light pollution as opposed to particularly heavy pollution).... But just for a moment my imagination ran away with me and I wondered if those canny scots had figured out a way to steal the stars of England and haul them over the border to the old country ??

A good journey got us here at around 2.30 pm having left at 6am give or take a few minutes. Two stops of twenty minutes and one road closure through the mountains due to snow meant we spent an hour and twenty minutes more than we would have if we'd just kept on travelling. 8 and half hours could have been 7!! It is a long way! But worth every second.

The scenery as always is stunning and my previous worries about the weather conditions are completely unfounded. Glourious sunshine and lots of beautiful snow on the high ground.

All appear to be in fine form. A, W & F now have a Nintendo Wii so hours of entertainment to had for them there and no doubt a terribly mispent youth in the eyes of their grandparents. L's desktop computer has reached the grand old age of 8 (remarkable really) but it is sagging under the strain and D's current project (tiling the conservatory floor) will be a job well done. The new conservatory looks fantastic by the way. All the other members of the family also present and correct are, two ponies, numerous fish, some very very big snails (African ??), two snakes, an unknown number of stick insects, three cats and a dog named squash. No, we're not having another cat!!!!

An excellent dinner of meatballs and red wine meant that by 10pm Mrs G and I were dead on our feet, but we have concluded that bracing fresh air and a pub will be the order of the day this morning so very much looking forward to that.

Morning has broken, although it doesn't look like it needs fixing to me. Not a cloud in the sky....

Just discussing blogging with L&D and explaing how simple it is to write on an iPhone with such a tiny keyboard and fat fingers. A cup of coffe and then urge to climb a mountain will be too great to resist. Let's hope we can find one high enough and a bag large enough to get some of those stars back ;-)

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  1. Sorry to be pedantic, which reminds me of a story Ronnie Corbett used to tell. Digression aside, just after you mention how easy it is to type with fat fingers on small keyboards, you spell coffee with only one "e".
    Yours from the south coast, Scobi W K


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