Weekend? What weekend?

They just go by far too quickly don't they? Just like summer and it looks like this year summer was two days (quite good for the UK) and now winter is on its way. Of course I jest, Sunday was a cracker. Beautiful weather really felt like summer though I fear it really isn't going to last just yet. Colder temperatures are forecast for this week but no sign of serious rain.

Loving that Java, so much so that I had to have two cups in the end, no doubt the same this morning. I'll be bouncing of the walls by 9am if I'm not careful. A great start from a bad man.

Made good headway with operation garage clean out. Broke down the bar b q to it's component parts, stripped and cleaned and re-varnished all the woodwork. With the weather being so warm it dried in minutes which made the whole job a lot faster. Screwed and bolted it all back together and the result is a very pleasing "as-new" bar bee. I'm no DIY expert but I'm not afraid to turn my hand to anything and when it works out as well as this has it's worth all the effort. Took me through to about 3 just in time for tea and tiffin.

Mrs G and I spent the rest of an enjoyable afternoon in the sunshine with the various reading materials and then there was a last minute visit from SS and his new boy. What a little star. SS has had some distressing work news and so he and I jointly decided upon a couple of Sunday night pints to put the world to rights and a pop at the pub quiz to boot. A quick poll round the rest of the gang and no-one else appeared to be up for it, but then it was a school night.

That said, nothing to worry about. We didn't go overboard, enjoyed four beers, the sunshine and some intelligent conversation (obv SS wasn't there then ;-) ). More importantly we placed an impressive 3rd in the quiz, the prize for which is 4 pints of whatever you fancy. All well and good, but not to be devoured on a school night.

This week holds the usual work shenanigans with the standout feature being a trip to Starfleet on Thursday to meet with my commander. No doubt to be told whether I'm selected for the away team or not. I cant seem to shift this sniffling (not quite a cold) which has been hanging round for about a week. Reckon that means it really is time to stop smoking. Let's see how long that lasts. Time will tell. More interestingly Thursday, I believe will be round two of the live TV debates and that will be "must see" TV.

I note both the reds and the blues are jumping on the volcano ash cloud bandwagon (Paddy Ash-falling-down isn't involved yet), but it's important to remember that it will litteraly blow over. Reactionary populist short-termism puts me in mind of the spitting image sketch from the 80's: Interviewer: Mr Kinnock, What do you say to people that accuse you of blatent electioneering? Mr Kinnock: Vote For Me! Found it!