What do "they" know ?

I keep hearing that the Liberal Democrat's won't win the election. Why is that ? Clearly Vince Cable is the best of the potential Chancellor's so why do all the commentators write them off before they even start ? British public being the way they are, they might end up feeling that the underdog needs a chance at it and could they really do any worse that the other two lots have done ?? I suspect not. So What is it that "They" know ? "They" say all sorts of things don't they :-)

It really is impossible to avoid the election buildup now. Last night's TV was pretty much nothing else. There was a riveting documentary on BBC2 "How to win the TV debate" and if you missed it, go and catch it on BBC iPlayer. Spent lots of time looking at how debates have impacted the US Elections in the past. One thing I figured is important from it, is that UK debates have been agreed because Gordon is scared. There's also a classic scene of him getting the hump with Adam Boulton from Sky News. Magic TV. As you know this is the first time we've had a TV debate during UK elections, so it's all to play for.

Then there was Tonight (follow the leader) on ITV (in between corrie's) which focused on David Cameron. He showed some real emotion when talking about his son who very sadly died last year, and the cynic in me cringed the whole way through. I'm sure I'm doing him a massive dis-service by having that reaction, but that's how it made me feel.

And then there was "Have I Got News For You", which is clearly far more enjoyable than all the serious stuff. For some reason, it didn't give me quite as many laughs as I'd expected, but it was still entertaining. I particularly enjoyed seeing Victoria Coren in the flesh having followed her tweets. She might stay up very late playing online poker and gambling her life away, but I like her I've decided.

If you're looking for more giggles about the never ending political jibbering and jabbering that will last until it's all over, you could do a lot worse than listen to the "Vote Now Show" on Radio 4, every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night (about 11-ish I think) from now until the election is over. It says here: "Nightly election satire from Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis, with special guests"

With so much of the election about, it's making me into a bore that talks bollotics. Of course it is important and I suppose given the dynamics of it this time round it will be very interesting to see how it plays out. Until recently I've had little or no interest in the whole subject, but they've managed to finally get me engaged in the process by simply p!ss!ng me off enough to get mad with them all. That said, I promise I'll make a concerted effort to stop going on about it, and with that in mind this should be my last post on the subject until next Tuesday.

And why next Tuesday?? Good question. Tuesday is a very special day. Do you know who your candidates are ? Today, the answer to that is no you don't. You might think you do and you're probably very close, but nominations for the General Election don't close until April 20th (next Tuesday), so until then all bets are off. Once they're closed I'm going to ask each of my candidates why I should vote for them. Every candidate is entitled to one election address completely free of charge - the candidate has to pay for printing - but delivery will be handled by the post office. There's also a few other rules that they have to adhere to as well. Things like their address and the name and address of whoever printed them too. So far we've had one in our house - looking forward to the rest.

Thursday will be a bit of a git then. Clearly there's WTC but then there's also the first of the 3 live televised debates and the location for the WTC doesn't have a TV.

Well? Am I any closer to knowing what "they" know that means the Lib Dem's won't win? Of course not. Well, "they" are speaking with the authority of historical wisdom. And if history teaches us anything, it is that things change. So perhaps "they" know nothing at all either. None of us know. If we did, we'd have very large bets lodged with the bookies. Miss Coren?? While you're having a flutter, stick one on for me... ;-)

PS: One other thing (There's always something..) If you can't figure out how to vote, try this: http://www.votematch.org.uk/. I got pointed to it by a man at the BBC so I have faith in it for now.


  1. Hi, I was impressed with Victoria also. I made some comment that I was surprised how good she was, which my wife interpretted as "I am surprised she is not so dumb for a blond"! What I meant was that a show on BBC4 or something does not sound like a person who is really at the top of their game.
    Anyhow, I thought she was very funny and very sharp.


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