Bucking Fankers

Still feeling rough - god knows what was in that curry but it's almost been the death of me. Daughter appears to have made a pretty full recovery though and she had more special school again today. Radio practice. Oh how we laughed.

Seems that there is one blue team in this country that can manage a decisive result - Chelsea with 8-0. I know nothing about football but bl00dy hell!

Bit of a lay in to start off the day, then out to get the papers. Not much I didn't know already but I am left with the distinct impression that they (Nick, Dave & Gordy) feel that they have to have some sort of government sorted out by Monday morning because they're all terrified of how the financial markets will react. Now while this is a worthy reason to sort out who our representatives should be, I'm not convinced it should be the driving reason. As always, the twitterati have had some very funny things to say about the whole situation. Here's a few just for kicks....

Unconfirmed reports that Gordon Brown was dancing for Nick Clegg in the foreign office... #ge2010

Nick Clegg "plan to sell Trident to Damien Hirst" to raise money for schools

Why are the LibDems like a London Bus? They've just under 60 seats & are now run by the Tories.

Apparently Afghanistan has offered to "return the favour" by sending troops into the UK to restore democracy...

Blue, it would appear, is the colour. I heard a rumour that Samantha Cameron is actually pregnant with John Terry's baby.

Apparently Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg have met. Doctors say that Mr Brown should make a full recovery

All I'm saying is my entire family have had Chickenpox since Thursday 6th #AllergicToBullshitters

Cameron's given him Broadway tickets; Brown's given him air miles and a Scottish spa break. What's a boy to do? #dontdoitnick

if Charles Kennedy was still #LibDem leader, we'd now be looking at a government run by Chas & Dave

Dad on Gordon Brown's kids' blurry heads: "Oh dear, what's happened to them, have they been Blaired?" #dadjokes

and finally....

Proportional Representation explained by John Cleese in 1987!!!... http://youtu.be/NSUKMa1cYHk #ge2010

Still, we have the Wizard of Oz to look forward to (and I'm not referring to the trite talent show that Graham Norton is running on the Beeb) plus there's a new episode of Lewis on ITV tonight. So really, everything is alright with the world and even if we don't have a government, the world keeps on turning and we'll keep doing what we do. If the markets get befuddled and panic tomorrow well that will only go to prove what we all know already.....

They're a bunch of ignorant bankers with no sense of humor.

As usual: Keep Calm and Carry On