FacetiousBook and Mondays

Monday's don't get any easier do they?

Mrs G has a particularly tough start to the day today, because on this particular Monday she starts her new job. On the surface she didn't appear too terrified, but I think underneath she was pretty nervous about it. Of course she'll be fine and no doubt will have plenty to say on the subject when she gets home tonight.

Apple have announced the release date in the UK for the iPad. WooHoo... but before you get too carried away (if you're that way inclined) the price is not what I would call appealing. In the US the most expensive model (The 32Gb 3G version) is $829, that converts to £553 in the UK. The UK price though for the same model is £699 ($1047 if you wanted to know). £150 in import duty??!!!??! For crying out loud. Someone is seriously taking the pish! These prices are all tweakable though, with Tax/VAT being applied differently in the US, but regardless it still feels wrong. Obviously I need a trip the states if I'm serious about getting one - although actually I think I might wait for the next version which is almost certain to have a front facing camera if the rumours about the iPhone 4 are to be believed.

More Tech chat now. TimesOnline which it has to be said has been a quality website so far and a very interesting point of reference (even if it is owned by Mr Burns) has come out in favour of a Linux Distro in the shape of Ubuntu. They cite, faster setup and the fact that it just works as two of the reasons for going this way, which bizarrely are two of the reasons I now follow the way of the Mac. So that's now added a new job to my non-starfleet todo list, namely the downloading of Ubuntu and setup on a virtual machine.... when I get five minutes.... so expect something on this by the end of the year.

I've been reading of late, how bad the terms and conditions of Facebook are. Now while I have a Facebook account, I really don't use it much anymore. Until last week I had my twitter account tied into my facebook status, but I was getting so prolific in my twitter postings (brought on by the ingenious mess that was #ge2010) that my Facebook status was just becoming annoying to anyone I was friends with on there. So I've disconnected the link for the time being, but might bring it back if I can find a more satisfactory way of maintaining it and not bombarding the innocent with the utterly trivial. (At least with this poxy blog the reader can choose not to read it -Ed). But what of the Facebook Ts&Cs ? There's an interesting article here which makes me want to switch off my Facebook presence, but there's definitely a gap in the market with what to replace it with..... hmmmm... Google have had a pop with Buzz and Wave, but they're no Facebook and neither is it twitter, or IMVU, or Plaxo. Perhaps Facebook has just had it's run and much like Bebo will be consigned to the "What on earth was all that about" pile, but clearly it will leave a vacuum.... I think something is brewing or the conversation would never of started.

Movie news: The Wizard of Oz was one of those weekend movies that I caught yesterday. It is a classic, but I've seen it so many times (what with it being on every Christmas for 10 years when I was a kid) that I do loose interest in it a bit. That said, it still has some classic lines "Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!", and the special effects really stand up well for a film that was made over 70 years ago. I was completely terrified of flying monkeys as a child (and you see so many of them about... Duh -Ed)

The other one is Ghandi which is the Biopic to end all Biopic's. It comes in at just over 3 hours long which is a hell of a long time to stay sat in one position, but it's a gripping enough story that it's nothing like as painful as one might think. Of course the content is a very worthy one and if you're not familiar with the man's life story, you absolutely should watch this movie for such a superb rendition of it. Not only that, but the movie itself won 9 academy awards (No doubt thanks to everyone's favourite uncle and dinosaur collector, Sir Richard Attenbourogh) and while the academy don't always get it right, this one ticks all the boxes. Ben Kingsley is completely believable in it, so much so that it's hard to get your head around the fact that he played such an opposing character in Sexy Beast - which has to be seen to be believed!.

Well, that's it for now - back to my Starfleet responsibilities.... Oh yeah... 10 minute phone calls?? 10 minutes my arse!! beam me up Scotty!!