Golfy's golfing

Lawn mowed and it's too hot to type :-)

Tomorrows event is an ongoing nightmare to organise. It is nigh on impossible to organise 8 blokes to all do the same thing. There's always someone or something that doesn't fit with the plan. We started off as 10, lost one to a wedding, one to a football bash and nearly lost one to the ash cloud and BA Cabin crew strike. Luckily the ash cloud abated and the cabin crew didn't strike (yet) so we were back on 8.

Sadly the night before we've lost another one to tennis elbow. I've sent out a distress flare to a couple of potential standbys and the scenario now is we might be 7 or we might be 9. Either way it an organisers hell. And who's the organiser?? Well it's me of course. These things are sent to try us.

It doesn't matter though. The weather will be fantastic, the golf will be competitive and the drinking will be required.... Who could ask for anything more?

Enjoy the summer. It'll all be over on Monday.


  1. I'm a physical therapist who specializes in chronic injuries and think I've discovered a new effective treatment for tennis elbow. It involves the deep rotators of the forearm rather than the more superficial extensors which are typically treated. Also I believe this is all brought about by poor shoulder function. I explain all of this in my book and how to treat it.
    I wish you the best.
    Rick Olderman


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