Newspapers, In-Laws & Food

Sunday is always a political day on the BBC and in the press. I'm doing my best not get involved, but it's not easy. I've already been twittering like a mad thing while watching the Andrew Marr show this morning. My facebook status looks like it's run by a ranting buffoon... oh hang on... it is... I really enjoy the Sunday papers normally.Nothing beats a lazy start to a Sunday with a bunch of stuff to read with quality coffee on the go, but this week I will not be buying any of them other than the Mail on Sunday. [Ed... WHAT!!?? Are you kidding??!! The Mail on Sunday??!!...] Yep, seriously. Mrs G really really wants that free CD of Phil Collins that's in it and we need something to light Monday's Bar-B-Q with. The MoS ticks all the boxes. From what I've seen the newspapers polls are completely out of whack with the online polls and I think this is directly attributable to the fact that newspapers are funded by individuals who have a personal interest in who gets into government. Worse still is Mr Burns - sorry - Murdoch, who not only owns the papers by Sky TV too. Interesting how all his publications polls seem to put the Tories in front. I fear for the future of unbiased news reporting in our country.

Mother-in-Law's bathroom isn't quite finished yet- close, but not quite, so they're coming over to borrow ours for their ablutions. Once that's all sorted we're going out for a spot of Sunday Lunch at Daughter's pub and then a tour around the unfinished bathroom which will no doubt be accompanied by several ooo's and ahh's. My worry here is if (as I suspect) that tripple B has done a smart job of it, Mrs G might decide that we need to have ours done. I can almost hear the money being spent already. Of course I love a beautiful room as much as anyone, but we already have one for the time being... We'll see.

Last night Mrs G and I had the £10 meal deal from M&S, not just any meal deal of course. It was the Salmon fish cakes and fresh chips. The fish cakes needed a quick fry (2 minutes each side) and then 25 minutes in the oven at 180. The chips needed 35 minutes in the oven at 200. The result? Chips weren't quite ready when the fish cakes were. A little bit of creative cooking (ie: keeping the fish cakes warm) for a couple more minutes solved the problem and the resulting dish was delicious. Dessert was a Millionaires Shortbread thing in a pot - bit sickly, but very tasty and a bottle of white washed it all down. Easily the best £10 cook at home meal I've had. A veritable bargain.

As I suggested yesterday, it being a bank holiday weekend it was bound to rain and sure enough it has for most of the night. We've put the idea of going to Ludlow on hold but might go for a walk up to Crickly Hill instead. It's a lovely bit of park space that provides superb views out across Chelters towards the black mountains, at least on a clear day. But that's for tomorrow, and if the weather improves we still might change the plan back to Ludlow... who knows...

Right now - more coffee required, and I'm going to manufacture a trip to Whittards to top up on the quality stuff after examining the incomplete bathroom. Have a great Sunday without the Sun.