Special Daughter, Golf and Electoral Reform

Daughter seems to have recovered (I'm still a bit ropey mind) and is off to court and special school today. It's a big day for her as she finally gets officially sworn in. They're spending the afternoon in the control room which I know she will find particularly interesting. It's their first contact with real life crime so I'm sure she'll be full of it this evening, although of course she won't share the details.

Son and I got up early to go and play golf. My first game in almost 3 months so you can imagine I don't want to talk about it. It's the society's quarterly in two weeks time and I'm organising it so I need to get the practice in. Luckily SS suggested a game and as Son was here we both went along and endured the dampness and for my part the humiliation.

What I do want to talk about though is the handy little iPhone app that we use for playing golf. It's called Golfshot and is in my top 5 all time most useful apps. If you're a golfer it should be in your top 1 all time most useful.

It enables you to download course details for what appears to be every golf course on the planet ( I haven't managed not to find one yet) so you never have to buy a course guide again. It utilises the GPS functions of the iPhone meaning you can see exactly where you are in relation to the pin on a sattelite picture of the hole that you're playing. It translates this image into the number of yards you have to play the shot and this in turn makes club selection a doddle. Not only that but you can keep track of up to four players scores with all the really useful info. For each hole you just tap in the number of shots and putts, which club you tee'd off with and whether the shot went left, right, down the middle, short or long, any sand traps you may have hit and any recovery shots you may have played. I know this sounds like a lot to record, but the intuitive interface that the app uses makes it very simple to do.

You also tell it your handicap before you start the round and at the end of the game you recieve a beautifully presented set of scores (including stableford calculations) and graphs for all manner of useful stats. Each scorecard is automatically uploaded onto the golfshot server and provides you with a history of your games and stats across all of them. It's clearly the most complete and comprehensive golfing app out there, oh and it is available on other platforms as well, not just the iPhone. Worth every penny of the £17.99

Here's my results from today, which I'm sure will help you understand why I don't actually want to talk about them ;-) Golfshot

In other news.... It's all kicking off up town then. Cleggy and Cameron are meant to be sorting out who is going to be our Prime Minister while Gordy's pished off back to Scotland. I think that action in itself speaks volumes. Cleggy was meeting with his cabinet (for want of a better description) of elected MPs and party officials at the LGA and the twitterati (well about a thousand of them) turned up outside to make the same point that I've been making and my conservative friend Jugs agrees on. You guessed it - electoral reform and proportional representation. Our Nick made an appearance and told them he would take their petition in the spirit it was intended, so I still have hope for change (copyright President Obama). It's a wholly important issue and I encourage you to sign the petition for it here: http://www.takebackparliament.co.uk/.

From the LGA the protesters moved on to Millbank Tower (home of the conservatives) but unfortunatly call-me-Dave wasn't in, having slipped off to his pad in Notting Hill (equally speaking volumes).

Why doesn't Dave want electoral reform? Probably because the conservatives love the safe seat model that's kept them as the opposition for so long. Seems bloody stupid of them to me. If we had propotional representation they actually would have won the election and there'd be no need for all this flannel anyway. Duuurrrr!!

My take on this: Don't drop the ball Mr Clegg. This is the chance for change, so let's not miss it.

Happy VE Day.