What the papers didn't say....

Some fairly interesting stories in the Sunday papers. The Times has an article on the forthcoming 'austerity measures' that the government will start putting in place from tomorrow. The figure they have in mind is £6bn - serious money. My eye was drawn to this paragraph:

An area that is being targeted for large early cuts is information technology. Some large contacts (sic) - especially those signed in the dying days of the last Labour administration - could be scrapped.

The Sunday Times has learnt that large IT suppliers such as IBM and Hewlett-Packard have been put on notice that they might be expected to reduce the value of their contracts by 20-30%.


There's also mention of Mick Jagger who suggests we should have a trial for legalising drugs - select a community and let them go for it. He opts for the Isle of Man, an inspired choice. If it all goes wrong, and they become a hopelessly addicted criminal cesspit, who'd care? Indeed, who could tell the difference?

I smiled.

Yesterdays golf went reasonably well, although I think I may have been ever-so-slightly pipped at the post by some footware misalignment and premature card signing by one of our number meaning I made 4th place instead of 3rd (which had been my goal). Regardless it was an enjoyable day out with plenty of banter as always and the evening ran it's predictable course including tripple hurling from a cab on the way home. Poor boy.

The stiffling heat is still in evidence today which so far has consisted of sitting in the garden for a while, huffing and puffing, followed by sitting in the shade for a while, consuming liquid, sitting in the garden for a while, huffing and puffing...... Ad infinitum. Well we don't get weather like this often so you've got to sit in it - haven't you?

We have a mini trip to town planned to exchange something that daughter bought as she's at special school learning how not to get beaten up. No doubt she'll be wanting to show off her new moves on someone later - I shall hide.

Gutted that it's almost Monday again already!! Best not dwell on it. Have fun.