When You Sit

When you sit
And think about Afghanistan
When you sit
And worry about the Taliban
When you sit
And wonder if you'll work today
When you sit
And worry if your Gran's OK
When you sit
and pray your kids will have a hope
When you sit
in fear of how the planet chokes
When you sit
Indoors because you're terrified
Of what goes on
In your street and just outside
When you sit
No-one gives a helping hand?
But When you vote
That's your chance to make a Stand

When you vote...
You're talking about Afghanistan
You're sorting out the Taliban
You're helping to get work today
You're making sure your Gran's OK
You're giving all the children hope
You're Cutting Carbon and the smoke
You're fixing up the street outside
'coz voting gives you civic pride

Do just sit there! Vote!

(Not least because I've got a bet on it being the largest turnout at the polls ever!) ;-)