Why is "having a life" so time consuming ?

Does my nut in. I never seem to have any time to stop and enjoy the view. Not only are Starfleet keeping me loaded up during my waking/working hours, but I enjoy being a sociable old sod as well. This is just taking up a lot of time of late and my social calendar seems to be a bit jammed up again.

I must learn to say "No", even if I don't want to.

I also need to keep my sense of humour when it comes to daughter and her friends. You know how it is when you're sober and everyone esle is drunk. You just seem to not quite get the hilarious joke and end up looking like the grumpy one who should have stayed at home. I fell foul of that last night even though I was the one who stayed home. To be fair to her it wasn't 'that' late, but I don't like being woken up by giggling buffoonery when I've got an early start.

Surprisingly I was young once and as I recall was a far less considerate son to my sainted parents than daughter is to me, so in all honesty I should cut her some slack. I've said it before, but things really are different now and the world has moved on from the follies of my youth, to a different set of follies of today's youths. Worth remembering.

So I've spent a large chunk of the day at one of the Starfleet bases checking out some of the new weaponry and testing it on tribbles.... failed to kill any of them, but maimed a few. Turns out that if you don't watch out for the recoil you could wind up with bandy ears, very dangerous, but it's kind of like all-right. OK? Yeah, right. We also appear to have found an element of mushroom management going on which is a little (to say the least) disturbing. Being kept in the dark and fed sh!t is not my idea of having a good time, or a good job for that matter.

Of late, my heart is greatly saddened by the way that Starfleet have changed from a progressive, forward thinking company of intelligent beings, into a vast group of pencil pushing abacus operators who know next to nothing about "space exploration" and everything about satisfying the evil emperor while the rebellion flounders. I can hear him now (via my bandy ears) "You're lack of faith disturbs me"..... and we all know how that story finished up don't we ?

Talking of follies, it's Thursday so it's WTC which this week, well tonight actually, will be held in the Cheese Rollers Inn. Really looking forward to that as I'm such a fan of the sport. (Yes it really is a sport)


  1. It is a sport about as much as the luge is, the primary, nay only, goal is to stay alive. It is as dull as wotsit to watch, so your mind wanders and you end up wondering what you might look like in one of those body suits, and then snort a mouthful of beer up your nose and end up on the floor in a coughing fit. By the time you are seated, the "event" is over.
    Give me 'vannin' any day ;-)


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