Ain't no grave, can hold my body down...

Lots of odd stuff and turning left at the lights today.....

First of all, The Johnny Cash Project. A quite amazing piece of work where artists were asked to contribute single pictures from frames of the video that accompanies one of Johnny's tracks. The result is pretty amazing stuff, as is the man himself. I can't embed the video, but you can watch it here: He is one cool customer.

On the subject of music. "OK Go", the blokes that brought you that video with the treadmills which was really good and viewed by about a bazzillion people on Youtube have done it again. This time the track is called "End Love" and the work is that of pure genius. Well, OK, it's very good, genius might be over stepping it very slightly.

Left turn at the lights and.... nip down to Marks & Spencers (Marks n Sparks as we call it round here) and nab yourself a single serving glass on wine for £2.25. Clever idea this - especially for BBQ's and the like. Basically a plastic wine glass full of wine, with a yogurt-style-top on it. Peel it back and your good to go. The keen-eyed among you might recognise it from Dragon's Den, where once again they failed to pick up what is clearly a good idea. Just as well because I can't stand the program to be honest. Banantyne and Theo-whathisface just irritate me with the way they look down on everything. Just saying.

Straight across the roundabout and.... it's Facebook, which really is rubbish. The evidence:

Case for the defence rests...

Watch out at the zebra crossing.... there's an update on the iPhone story: The iPhone has completely screwed AT&T's pre-ordering system, along with everyone else that was going to offer it. The demand (according to AT&T's press release last night) was 10 times higher than that of the iPhone 3GS last year. So much so, that they've actually suspended taking any orders for them at all. Like I said yesterday if you haven't already ordered - you've had your chips. Apple themselves sold over 600,000 units in less than 24 hours. They must have some sort of magic spell. Do you remember when Nokia had that?? [Nokia who?? - Ed]

And for the geeks (and me). The update for iTunes (which is inevitable when a new apple device comes along) is available, version 9.2, but if you want to do a little more with your media, then Dazzboard is a groovy little piece of middleware that helps you sync your stuff everywhere you want it to be. Follow the link for the full SP.

Finally - I either have hayfever (which I've never had before) or a cold which is leaving me feeling generally ugh. Still, there ain't no grave, can hold my body down. Footie tomorrow. Come On Engerlund!!! Red light!!! STOP!