Now I know a lot of people are very dissapointed with a draw. After all, one all was not in the original game plan for the England squad, especially against the good old U S of A. The special relationship is quite strained at the moment as things stand what with BP oiling up the Gulf so perhaps it's just as well for international relations that we didn't kick the living daylights out of them although with what little knowledge I have of the game, it looked to me like it might have been quite a surprise if we had.

And then there's this....

I mean - do they think they're hard enough!!?? They certainly seem to want to come and have a go.

On the plus side in 1966 England drew their first game (0-0 against Uraguay) and we all know what happend in that tournament. History does have a habit of repeating itself but it remains to be seen if it will or if the sentiment is actually wishful thinking. The other two teams in our group are playing at 12.30 today, so I think I'll give that a look just to make sure they don't score huge numbers of points making it that much harder for us to get into the next round.

Oh yes, and ITV HD. Shocking!! Just before the first goal the dropped to an advert, then black, then back to the game to see the celebrations. After that they switched the transmission back to SD to avoid any further breakages. I'm sure Stretch is over the moon with his HD experience! If I was a conspiracy theorist (and I often wish I was - the fun I could have!) I'd be suggesting that the man at Sky had something to do with it, because they really do hate eachother. It's just a theory.

For now there's an air of bacon eminating from the kitchen, so it must be time to get up, break the fast and go get the papers. No idea what else the day will bring, but then it is Sunday!


  1. I'm pleased to say that my viewing was not affected by the HD blunder! Luckily enough as I don't think I would want to be a massive, over-crowded pub full of liverpool-edians with too much testostorone when the screens cut out! My wife however did think that she had broken the HD!


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