Heaven help us all

{rant ON}
Without doubt, there are certain people that attempt to make life miserable. They automatically believe everything they're told and for some reason they feel it's their mission in life to pass this good news (or bad) on to you. Consistently it would seem that their problems aren't actually their problems, but as far as they're concerned, they are your problems. These individuals are clearly the desperate type who strive to hold what they believe to be the "high office" that is pencil pushing middle management.

However, what these people seem to forget, is that without us (in their opinion) lesser mortals their role would be (and is) completely pointless. I mention this because I've been working with one of them and it's starting to get on my tits. Most impressively it's the way that this person fails to understand that when I'm not working on their project I am not sat on my backside, twiddling my thumbs waiting for them to call me with the answer to a particular question. I'm actually working on other projects with people that have a better grasp of reality.
{rant OFF}

It was with this in mind that I trundled off to the WTC last night for a few sherberts to wind down and get over the whole thing. In general that worked well, but at 5am this morning I remembered why mixing Red Wine with Lager really isn't as good an idea as it seemed at the time. A banging headache ensued which lasted until 8.30 post coffee and toast. I wasn't heard to utter the immortal phrase “I'm never drinking again”, but I do have a better understanding of why people say it.

Meanwhile, back at the coal face this morning the wannabe ppmm was at it again, only this time with a second piece of work unrelated to the first before having completed the scope of the original one. What is wrong with these people? I fear this will only get worse if (as we're told) there a fewer hands which will make for heavy work. But “Fear not!” said he for mighty dread had seized their troubled minds.... It's Friday. I've only been back two days and it feels like a whole week already.

A glance at my diary for this weekend shows it is completely and utterly empty – oh thank the omnipresent being which may or may not exist.

I did get the hottub drained last week, but the weather prevented the rest of the tasks I had in mind for it. It's a situation which I'll be rectifying this weekend. If things go well we may yet get to spend the entire 48 hours in the garden sipping cold drinks and getting a suntan – now that would be nice. Say what you like about the english weather, but when summer finally breaks through there is nowhere else on earth I'd rather be.

Daughter has nearly finished her run at special school, just two more days left (Saturday and Sunday) and then on Tuesday she will be officially especially special. She's not particularly looking forward to Saturday though has she's going to get “CS Gassed” (That's o-Chlorobenzylidene Malononitrile to me and you). Another great gift from the people of Wiltshire (It was developed at Porton Down in the 50's). But then it's all part of the training, and if you're going to dish it out, you've got to be able to take it.

May your Friday be free from ppmm's and your weekend full of sunshine and special people.