I just re-read yesterday's post and realised it was almost empty!! I'll fix that here probably. I suspect, that was lacking in text due to my hectic schedule yesterday though that was nothing compared to what awaits me today.

Mrs G has decided a mammouth spring cleaning will go into operation today and when Mrs G says clean you can bet your bottom dollar that you could eat your dinner, lunch, breakfast, elevenses and supper off it!! I kid you not. I alluded to it yesterday - there will be the ritual sucking of dust from soft floor coverings with a heavy duty electrical appliance - vacuuming, or hoovering as I referred to it. Interesting how certain tasks become synonomous with brand names presumably because they do such a great job. 'Selotaping' springs to mind, along with 'Xeroxing' and 'Taking a Thermos'.

What this really means is that I'll be doing the dysoning which while litteraly accurate, doesn't have quite the same ring to it. There will also be some pledging, or Mr Sheening, plenty of bolding, or aerialing with a dash of comforting which enevitabbly leads to phillipsing. I might also get a spot of duluxing in as well if time permits.

The problem with phillipsing, aside from it being a longer word than ironing, is that the TV is also a Phillips. More confusing still is that the crosshead screwdrivers I own are not manufactured by Phillips and yet that's what we call them. Clearly the Philips brand name can never be used in conversation for any of their multitude of products other than the screwdriver as chaos will ensue and watching ironing is about as thrilling as watching dulux dry.

Daughter survived her CS Gas but it's apparently not the most pleasant of experiences. Who knew? Today is her last day - which consists mostly of fighting - before her 'pass out' on Tuesday. A proper urban achiever, '..and proud we are of all of them'

Son returned from his golf full of the joys of spring. Seems he had a pretty good game. Not stunning, but passable. Today he's off mountain biking with his mate. It's a Track Day at Bringewood, Near Ludlow in Shropshire so he's had a nice early start. He won't be at all tired after that I'm sure. He has been known to break things at such events, so here's hoping he breaks the habit instead.

Cracking bit of Tent erecting followed by BBQ and the 'Britain's Got Talent' live final rounded the day off nicely. But now on to the boredom that are household chores. Happy Sunday!