I'm pretty sure Mrs G doesn't read my Blog... I know I am geek and coffee nerd, while she is goddess and tea angel - that is our life.  Our fifth wedding anniversary is but a handful of days away, so this entry is for her.... She won't read it, but just on the off chance.

Things I like About Coffee

  • Coffee is Hot
  • Coffee makes me excited
  • Coffee is good enough to have every day
  • Coffee smells good
  • Coffee makes you nervous sometimes
  • Coffee gives you warm & fuzzes
  • Even when coffee is too strong or too weak, it's still good.

Things I like about Mrs G

  • Pretty much the same as coffee
  • And who knows, maybe she tastes good & keeps me up all night too.  ;-)

P.S. -Anyone who reads this and happens to know Mrs G, please don't point it out to her. It's part of my warm, fuzzy, secret heart. Ta.