iStuff, Fathers Day & Football

Friday was as Friday is. Work, work, work, although I think I'm finally starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. One largest piece left and just pick up a new smallish one. Of course the one's I've done will be nothing but trouble for a while. We have all these processes to make things run smoothly and they never (and I do mean never) ever do. Such is the way of Starfleet. Swan like to our customers.

On the plus side, a good colleague (I'd say friend but we, as yet, have not had the oppertunity to socialise outside of Starfleet). Is that what makes a colleague a friend?? - you know I don't think it is. So as I was saying before I so rudely interupted myself - a good friend of mine at Starfleet has suggested he knows of someone who may be a source of reasonably priced (ie: US priced) iPads. I think we know where this is going. Mrs G's laptop may very well be appearing on eBay in the coming weeks. Time will tell.

Now Saturday has arrived and the kids will be back this afternoon. Mrs G and I are going to take a walk to the city to do a few 'bits & bobs'. I've persuaded (well told) her that an iPhone 4 will solve her phone rage. Scobi intrigued me with his tale of an Android he's bought for Mrs Scobi, but as we're an Apple household now (barring Mrs G's and Daughters laptops) the choice is as clear as a retina display (see what I did there?). So a visit to the O2 shop is in order. I've pre registered for micro-Sims, but I want to talk to them about the recycle option, and most importantly the cashback which I'll be wanting to offset against buying out the remaining contract. I don't think I can officially pre-order until next week though.

There's also father's day just around the corner. Mater G has suggested Pater G would like gardening vouchers - which Sister G has agreed to. This is all fine and dandy but I've also caught sight of something in waterstones that may be of interest to him, so it's an excuse to peruse the book shop (not that we need one).

I have it on good authority that there's a fairly interesting football march on today. Something to do with little stars on football shirts. What is all that about? Oh yes....
I absolutely refuse to have flags on the car - because it really does make you look like a d1ckhead, but I will wear the shirt....

Oh dear.... What am I doing?