Ties and Phones

Last week in conversation with Scobi the subject of "Work Clothing" came up. The tie is seen as some bizarre sort of power dressing and for my money is a waste of time. I'm sure I've read research somewhere that confirms wearing a tie stunts your creative thinking - but I might be wrong. Anyway - Scobi clearly needs one of these pillow ties, although in our line of work, I actually think that an 8-bit tie would be far more appropriate.

iPhone 4 pricing plans still aren't fully available - god only knows why - but Orange have officially announced theirs, Vodafone's has been leaked (so is probably wrong) and O2, who started off last week with a daily email update, have gone strangely quiet on the whole subject. Something has obviously gone horribly wrong for the providers compounded by apple's inability to cope with the demand for its new baby. If you don't have one pre-ordered, then July is the earliest you'll get one - unless the providers have some stock we're not ware of - and I would expect that to be the case. It'll still be first come first served though, so you can still expect to see queues on launch day.

Here's what we know so far (click it to make it bigger):

Unless O2 come up with something interesting, Orange looks like a really decent package at £35 per month and £120 up front. I could quite easily be saying bye bye O2, especially when you factor in Orange Wednesdays!! and if you don't know what it's about - you really should click here


  1. I think one of those ties is now going to be on my B'day list


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